Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 210

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 210

Chapter 210 Dominic And His Female Companion

Only then did Elizabeth realize it was an evening gown

At that moment, Abby had already opened the box, and she exclaimed, “Wow! It’s so pretty!”

Arthur and Antony were also surprised and couldn’t wait to see Elizabeth put on the evening gown.

Elizabeth smiled “Dominic, the evening gown is beautiful!”

After ending the call, she placed the evening gown near her body and checked it out while Abby clapped her hands in joy.

“Hurry up and try it on, Mommy. We can’t wait to see!”

It had been long since Elizabeth last wore an evening gown like that

She could tell immediately that the evening gown was from a famous brand, as she was currently studying fashion design.

Hence, she was knowledgeable about the clothes’ quality and styles,

After Elizabeth put on the pale purple off-shoulder evening gown with a shit that accentuated her slender figure, Abby widened her eves in amazement.

“You’re so pretty” the three children exclaimed in unison.

Arthur’s and Antony’s eyes were filled with amazement too.

Smiling, Elizabeth twirled in front of them.

“I will make beautiful clothes like this in the future too”

The three children nodded in agreement, as they had faith in her that she would achieve her dreams.

Elizabeth put on her makeup which matched her evening gown well, as she was actually quite good at it.

Standing in front of the full-length mirror, she looked at her stunning reflection and took a deep breath.

Elizabeth, this is how Dominic wants you to look. Besides, it suits you well.

However, she could already imagine how much Shelby would hate her.

Arthur headed upstairs and stood at the door.

“Mommy, Mr. Dominie is here.”

After picking up her handbag, Elizabeth walked up to Arthur delightedly.

“Take good care of your little sister when I’m not around. Don’t let her wander off.”

“Mommy, are you really going to attend his engagement party?”

Apparently, Arthur was worried about Elizabeth. The children noticed how well Matthew had treated her.

Mommy surely has noticed that the man was showering another woman with love and care all of a sudden. It is certainly not easy for her to accept something like that.

The children were worried that she would feel even more upset after seeing Matthew with another woman.

A dim glint flashed across Elizabeth’s eyes. In fact, she did not want to go at all and see the smug look on Tiana’s and Celine’s faces.

Flashing him a faint smile, Elizabeth said, “I’m going I bet the Hilton family organizes nu amazing banquet, and I’ll see it as I’m going for a feast.”

A hint of worry flashed across Arthur’s dark eyes. He then decided to head to the hotel with Antony later to check on


Then, Elizabeth left with Dominic and headed to Voyage Hotel.

Around six o’clock in the evening, the entrance of the hotel was pretty crowded. Various luxurious cars and red carpets

could be spotted at the entrance, and there was a group of reporters swarming around the door.

The cameras flashed at the people walking into the hotel, simular to celebrities walking down the red carpet under the


A hint of surprise flashed across Elizabeth’s eyes when she saw the scene.

As expected from the most influential family in Mistwood The engagement party is indeed grand.

Dominic, dressed in a white suit, appeared charming. He helped open the car door for her.

Extending his hand with a smile, he said, “Come on, Lizzy.”

When Elizabeth stretched her hand out and let him escort her out of the car, many cameras flashed at her instantly.

“Mr. Campbell has brought a female companion.

“This is the first time he brings a female companion, and he even opens the car door for her. Seeing the smile on his face,

I’m sure she’s his lover.”

As Elizabeth listened to the people’s chattering at the side, the smile on her face tensed.

Dominic hooked her arm around his and made their way to the stairs.

Dominic was handsome, while Elizabeth was stunningly beautiful. The sight of them walking side-by-side was eye-catching. The reporters took their photos from many angles with the cameras flashing constantly.

They looked flawless from any angle as if they had walked straight out of a fairy tale.

With a smiling face, Dominic said to Elizabeth in a low voice, “Lizzy, just enjoy yourself and don’t mind what the others say, okay?”

Elizabeth cast him a sidelong glance and nodded with a grin.

Dominic, who had a charming appearance and was also the ideal man of many women in Mistwood, seemed more dazzling that night, probably due to the smile on his face that never faded away.


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