Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 211

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 211

Chapter 211 Elizabeth Is Here

With their arms linked, they walked into the hotel, where the staff led them to the banquet hall on the first floor.

Instead of the bride and groom, the Wade Family welcomed the guests at the entrance.

Celine and Richard were welcoming the guests at the entrance. As everyone knew Matthew’s parents were not around

anymore, they could understand why there was no one from the Hilton family to welcome the guests.

Richard, dressed in a silver-gray suit, seemed lively with a broad smile. One could tell he was genuinely happy.

Meanwhile, Celine wore a long white evening gown and gorgeous makeup, making her look elegant.

When they saw Elizabeth, their face fell.

In a cold voice, Richard uttered, “She didn’t show up when we asked her to come over for gown fitting So, that’s because

she’s attending the event with someone else.”

With a sneer, Celine said, “Darling, both of your daughters are so capable. Tia is marrying the head of the most influential

family in Mistwood, while Lazzy will be marrying into the second most powerful family.”

As Richard glanced coldly at Dominic and Elizabeth at the front, Dominic walked up to them and said calmly, “Mr. Wade,

Mrs. Wade, congratulations”

Although Celine and Richard were not fond of Elizabeth, they would still show respect for Richard.

“Mr. Campbell, this way, please. Your parents are inside. Do you need my help to show you where they are?”

Nodding slightly, Dominic answered, “No. I am here with my girlfriend today”

He implied he was not ready to let Elizabeth meet his parents.

Holding Dominic’s hands, Elizabeth stood by his side gracefully and stunningly.

After they entered the banquet hall, Celine let out a sigh.

“Darling, Lizzy is not willing to tell us anything at all. I guess she doesn’t see us as her family anymore.”

Old Mr. Wade should see this to realize what kind of person his precious granddaughter is.

Richard’s gaze darkened as he muttered, “There’s no way she could marry into the Campbell family.”

She has three children, and yet she wants to marry into the Campbell family. In her dreams.


Seeing Richard siding with her now, Celine thought Elizabeth wouldn’t pose as a thrent even after she returned to the

Wade residence.

After Elizabeth followed Dominic into the banquet hall, the usher led them to their seats.


Nicolas and Leonard, who came to attend the event, stood at the lounge entrance on the second floor, seemingly chatting

with each other.

Suddenly, Nicolas pointed at Elizabeth and Dominic, who walked to their seats with their arms linked.

Narrowing his eyes, Nicolas said, “Look, Luke. Lizzy is here and has also brought a male companion. I’m telling Matt.”

Looking down the stairs, Leonard saw Elizabeth and thought of that woman.

As it had been days since he last saw her, he was surprised he missed her.

He grinned, stood straight, and walked into the lounge behind him

Matthew, who was dressed in a black suit and sitting on the couch, brought the cigarelle between his fingers to his lips

from time to time

He didn’t seem like someone getting engaged, but he seemed as if he was about to go to war.

Sitting beside him, Nicolas picked up a glass of wine and slowly took a sip.

“Matt, Lizzy is here too

When Matthew heard his words, his eyes sparkled before he glanced at them.

“What is she doing here? I did not send her an invitation.”

That dumb woman. Does she enjoy seeing me getting engaged to another woman?

Matthew’s tone was cold and terrifying while the temperature in the room slightly dropped.


Nicolas clutched the wine glass elegantly while swirling the wine gently.

“I bet she came with Dominic. She is his female companion for today. Lizzy looks so beautiful, and the gown suits her


Then, Matthew rose to his feet and strode out of the lounge.

Leonard grinned and stated, “Matt, the bride has been waiting for you at the lounge on the first floor all this time, but I don’t see you getting so worked up.”

How could he? He just can’t wait to dash to Lizzy’s side when he hears she is here.

After exchanging looks, Nicolas and Leonard smiled and followed Matthew out of the lounge.

Matthew stood near the stairwell railing and glanced down to look for Elizabeth’s silhouette.


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