Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 212

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 212

Chapter 212 Greedy For Money

Meanwhile, Elizabeth sat at the table in the banquet hall. Dominic, who sat close to her, picked up a piece of fruit with a

fork and fed it to her.

Elizabeth was taken aback as she tilted her head back before eating the fruit he offered.

“Dominic, I can do it myself.”

They had been photographed countless times along the way from the entrance to the banquet hall. He made it seem like

something was going on between them by sitting close to her and feeding her fruits intimately.

Besides, she could already sense an intent gaze on her, making her feel a chill running down her back.

However, after glancing around, she did not spot anyone staring at her.

The gaze was familiar, but cold and terrifying

When Dominic saw her blushing, he flashed her a faint smile with his lips quirked up.

“I am willing to serve you.”

With that, Elizabeth chuckled. A genuine, happy smile spread across her face.

Matthew’s face fell when he saw her smiling face.

On the contrary, Nicolas watched delightedly and exclaimed, “Matt, Lizzy knows how to seek revenge after all! Haha!”

That woman usually seems like a person who is generous and doesn’t hold grudges. I did not expect that she would show

up with another man at Matt’s engagement party and be so intimate with the man. Now that I see them, they look


together, like a match made in heaven.

Matthew turned around and leaned against the railing as he could no longer watch.

Leonard smiled and said, “Matt, why don’t you elope with her? That seems so cool.”

After gently tapping the railing with his long fingers, Matthew took out his phone and sent a message.

He texted Esme: Make Dominic stay away from Elizabeth.

He sent the text to Esme, who was welcoming the guests on Matthew’s behalf at the lobby. When Esme saw the message on his phone, his expression slightly changed.

As Matthew had given him a difficult task, he had no choice but to have Gracie and the rest welcome the guests.

Almost every employee in the company had arrived. Those who worked in the CEO’s office were close to Matthew, and they were busy attending to the guests with Esme.



Esme entered the banquet hall and searched around before he spotted Elizabeth sitting at the second table near the

After walking up to Elizabeth, he leaned closer to her ears and stated, “Ms. Wade, everyone from the CEO’s office is

helping out. Why are you sitting here? Please follow me and help us out.”

In fact, Esme dared not ask Elizabeth to do anything and only wanted her to try the dishes in the lounge backstage.

This should be a good excuse. Besides, I can only think of this idea at the moment.

Elizabeth glanced at Dominic at the side before asking, “Mr. Mack, I did not receive such a notice! Do I get paid for

working overtime?”

As she cared more about the money, she was willing to do it if she would get paid.

I could save up more in the next month. By saving up monthly, I might be able to buy a small house after some time. By then, our family will have a proper home. I never feel safe staying in a rented house. Who knows when the landlord will decide. to use the house for herself? By then, I will have to look for a new place to stay. Besides, a home is essential for the children’s childhood, and I wish to provide them with a permanent home that will remain in their childhood memories.

Esme frowned slightly. What’s wrong with Ms. Wade? Why is she responding this way? Her man is getting engaged to another woman and will be taken away from her soon. How could she not mind it at all?

At the thought of it, Esme felt sorry for Matthew. Does Ms. Wade have no feelings for Mr. Hilton after all? Could it be a

one-sided love? What a pity!

“Of course, you will get paid five times the wage.

When Elizabeth heard his words, she stood up immediately.




After turning around to look at Dominic at the side, she flashed him a sneaky smile.

“Dominic, I’m sorry. I am Mr. Hilton’s secretary and still have work to do. I’ll be back to accompany you after I finish


After finishing her words, she was about to leave happily to earn some money when Dominic suddenly grabbed her hand.


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