Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 213

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 213

Chapter 213 Saving Up For A House

Due to her money-grubbing personality, Elizabeth insisted on taking up this job anyway, since she would be paid five

times as much for her overtime work.


She patted Dominic’s hand and said, “I’ll be back real soon. Just stay here and wait for me.”

She then withdrew her hand and followed Esme away

The man upstairs stared at the man below who had grasped Elizabeth’s hand is eyes darkened.

After all, men would understand other men better. Matthew was very well aware that Dominic liked Elizabeth very much.

As he had not appeared in her life before that, Dominic was able to get closer to her.

However, now that he was there for her, Matthew would not give Dominic the chance to do so anymore.

Nicolas watched as Elizabeth followed Esme away and felt disinterested after that.

“Malt, you’re just too mean to her. Since you’re already engaged to another woman, can’t you just let Lizzy date another


Regardless of how odd his words sounded, it was natural and right for Elizabeth to date someone else if Matthew got

engaged to a woman.

Matthew replied coldly, “I didn’t get engaged willingly. Moreover, the engagement will be annulled later.”

With that, he strode away leisurely and entered the lounge.

Leonard patted Nicolas’s shoulder and said, “Unlike you, Matt’s a very faithful guy. The engagement party was clearly a

show put up by him for the others to see. Deep in his heart, Matt only has feelings for one girl alone.”

Nicolas was perplexed. “He’s already a powerful figure now, so why can’t he make decisions about his marriage for


In his mind, Nicolas thought Matthew was someone who could do anything that he wanted without a care in the world.

Since he’s usually unafraid of any threats, why is Matt behaving so strangely this time?

Leonard raised his eyebrows and smiled. “I’m sure it’s because of Hector. Since his health is getting worse, only he can

make Matt give in.”

Nicolas nodded his head slightly. “You’re right.”

Both of them then entered the lounge together. At that time, Matthew seemed to be in a better mood as he held his

wineglass, sipping the wine in it.


Shortly after, the door was pushed open. It was Elizabeth and Esme who entered the lounge.

The waiter then came into the room, serving them the dishes that were supposed to be served for the wedding reception.

Esme smiled gently and said, “Ms. Wade, you can stay here and sample the dishes with Mr. Hilton. Feel free to make a list

of any dishes that do not appeal to you.”

A look of surprise flashed through Elizabeth’s eyes as she looked at the handsome man.

Undeniably, Matthew looks exceptionally handsome today. Looks like he’s in good spirits these days.

As Elizabeth sat at the table, she picked up her fork and asked, “Would you like to have a taste as well, gentlemen?”

After all, she felt embarrassed having to sample the dishes by herself.

Before this, Elizabeth truly had no idea there was a job that offered lavish and sumptuous food while earning five times

the usual wage. It was indeed the best job she could have ever imagined.

However, Nicolas merely waved his hand dismissively as he smiled faintly.

“Help yourself then. We’re not hungry yet.”

Upon hearing his words, Elizabeth decided to go ahead and picked up her fork to taste the first dish. As soon as she ate it,

her eyes narrowed instantly. It was so delicious that she could not find any fault with it.

Leonard furrowed his eyebrows. So Elizabeth doesn’t have any feelings for Matt. She seems so happy while tasting those

dishes. I don’t see any signs of her feeling heartbroken at all,

Calmly sipping his wine, Leonard sighed inwardly. Matt is such a pitiful person.

Meanwhile, Matthew stared at Elizabeth, who was happily munching away. She’s really enjoying her food,

Hence, he said in a nonchalant voice, “Feed me a bite of that, Elizabeth.”

Just then, Elizabeth lifted her head, frowning slightly at his words.

“Which dish would you like to have, Mr. Hilton? They’re all quite delicious. Let me serve some onto your plate.”

With five times more than the average wage offered to her, Elizabeth definitely had to do anything in order to please her


Matthew’s eyes darkened slightly “Anything’s fine. Just feed me whatever that you think is delicious.”

As he spoke, Matthew emphasized the words “feed me” as his stares became more and more intense and affectionate.

Elizabeth then picked up some of the dishes she had just tasted. Despite her displeasure, Elizabeth approached Matthew,

who was sitting like a big boss and resting his arms on the armrest of the couch.

He stared at her deeply with his dark eyes, waiting for her to serve him.


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