Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 214

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 214

Chapter 214 The Bride Appears

She felt somewhat displeased, for she felt as if she was his maid at that moment.

However, Elizabeth had to suppress her discontent as the thought of earning more money came to her mind. She needed

to earn money quickly, so she could buy a house of her own as soon as possible.

With that thought in her mind, a smile flitted across her face as she carefully delivered the food to his mouth.

Matthew then opened his mouth and ate the food.

As he chewed on the food, Matthew’s gaze became even more unfathomable while he stared at her.

Elizabeth was considered a mentally strong person. If it were for someone else, they would not have been able to withstand his intense gaze.

Nicolas laughed. “You’re being treated like a king now, Matt!”

While she fed him some of the other dishes, Elizabeth remarked, “Mr. Ferguson, since Mr. Hilton offered me five times more than the usual wage for just sampling the dishes, I would certainly treat him like a king now.

With that, she approached Matthew and winked at him.

“Is there anything else you’d like to eat, Your Majesty? I’ll be glad to feed it to you.”

Elizabeth felt a bit disgusted after saying such words herself.

However, she wanted to be as pretentious as possible in order to disgust or annoy them as much as she could.

Upon hearing her words, Leonard spat out a mouthful of wine. He quickly pulled out the handkerchief from his pocket

and wiped his mouth.

“I was only choked by the wine. This is some strong wine indeed! Please carry on. Just pretend that I’m not here.”

Matthew was very offended by Leonard’ sudden actions. He glared at Leonard coldly, sending shivers down the latter’s


Leonard rolled his eyes at him. That punk sure is happy right now, since he’s being served like a king by the woman he loves. He obviously doesn’t want to be bothered at the moment.

In the meantime, Nicolas was tempted to pull out his phone to take a picture of Matthew enjoying himself.

However, he dared not try to do so. Instead, he could only observe silently with his own eyes.


Just then, the lounge’s door was pushed open again. Tiana entered the room while carrying the hem of her bright red


“Matthew, the banquet’s about to start soon. We have to head downstairs and get ready for it.”


Her voice was filled with joy as she spoke. But when she saw Elizabeth feeding Matthew, she stood frozen on the spot,

looking dumbfounded.

Behind Tiana were a few of her cousins, as well as some socialite friends from the upper echelons of society.

While her expression changed suddenly, Nicolette noticed that Elizabeth was in the room and ran over to her cheerfully.

“Lizzy! You’re here too?”

Elizabeth glanced at Nicolette and replied. “Yes. You look beautiful today, Nic!”

All the girls in the Wade family wore the same dress that day as they accompanied Tiana. It was obvious that this was

Celine’s idea.

For now, no one in the Wade family dared to go against Celine’s opinions anymore. Furthermore, the Wade family members wanted their own daughters to attend the banquet in hopes of having them marry into a wealthy and reputable


Meanwhile, Rachelle smiled faintly and added, “Tiana, Lizzy’s waiting on your soon-to-be husband!”

Tiana merely pursed her lips and replied, “She is currently Matthew’s secretary, so this is actually a part of her job. There

is no need to make a fuss over it, since she will also be serving me in the future as well.”

She spoke so loudly that everyone in the room heard her words.

The socialites who were behind Tiana also heard her remarks, and they considered Elizabeth as a mere servant as well.

At the same time, Elizabeth continued to feed Matthew Frustrated by Tiana’s words, Elizabeth then took a large piece of

roast turkey meat and shoved it into Matthew’s mouth.

Matthew, who was still enjoying being fed by Elizabeth, was shocked by her actions. He then chewed with all his might. Ist

she trying to choke me to death? This piece of meat is so huge that it is stretching my mouth out of shape!

Elizabeth could only raise her brows, signaling to him that she felt apologetic as the piece of roast turkey meat was indeed

a large chunk of meat.

Tiana then came up to Matthew and sat next to him. She then reached out to hug his arm and said coyly, “You sure know

how to enjoy while you let your secretary feed you! I’m famished too! I want to eat some of what you’re having as well. Can I

get her to feed me as well?”

After that, Tiana turned to look at Elizabeth and said, “Ms. Wade, be careful when you feed me. Don’t mess up my lipstick, okay? If you do a good job in feeding me, I’ll let Mr. Hilton give you a raise.”

. Even though Elizabeth valued money a lot at first, she did not appreciate the money that came from Tiana instead.


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