Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 215

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 215

Chapter 215 Something Happened

The two socialites who came in together looked at each other. They felt pity looking at Elizabeth.

Elizabeth used to be famous among the socialites, but she ended up like that.

The two couldn’t help but look at her with pity.

Suddenly, one of the ladies gave the other girl a gentle nudge and said, “Adeline, look at that necklace. Didn’t your brother

show you the photo of it?”

The girl named Adeline looked at it seriously a few times and then nodded at her friend.

“Denise, it’s that necklace! My brother said someone bought it for one hundred and fifty million.”


s eyes

widened. “Wow, then she…”

The two ladies didn’t dare to belittle Elizabeth anymore because they felt that her identity must be extraordinary.

After hearing what Tiana said, Elizabeth replied flatly, “Ms. Wade, I’m so sorry I only serve Mr. Hilton ”

After saying that, she walked to the dining table and took some dishes. She tasted them first and chose a few dishes of her liking before taking them to Matthew and feeding him.

Of course, Matthew wouldn’t refuse, However, Tiana who was sitting next to Matthew became more and more annoyed. She kept glaring at Elizabeth.

Nonetheless, Elizabeth didn’t care. Her purpose was to earn money that day.

In the lounge, the woman in a beautiful purple gown walked here and there.

She walked gracefully and looked extremely beautiful.

All the people inside were attracted to her. Their eyes couldn’t help following her

Right then, a waiter came in with two boxes and said, “Mr. Hilton, someone sent you an engagement gift”

Meanwhile, Elizabeth continued to sit at the table and try the dishes. After all, others could only see but not eat. Hence,

she thought her job was not bad.

Matthew glanced at the two boxes and had no idea who would send him gifts. He said gently, “Open them up.”

The waiter opened the boxes, and two white wreaths appeared in front of everyone.

Tiana’s eyes suddenly lit up. “Who sent this?” she asked.

It was her engagement day with Matthew. Although it was not their wedding yet, it was still an auspicious day. She

wondered who would send them such inappropriate gifts.


However, Matthew felt nothing at all. With his current status, it was not surprising that many people wanted to suppress him and get rid of him.

Hence, he didn’t take the matter to heart at all.

However, Tiana was not happy. “Matthew, you must find out who did this. How can we see something like this on our big

day? It’s a bad omen.

Although everyone in the lounge was surprised, Nicolas and Leonard were not astonished at all. After all, they were savvy and had seen a lot of things. Something like that was not even worth mentioning

Upon seeing the wreaths, Elizabeth merely raised her eyebrows and continued to try the next dish.

It was something that she expected too. An engagement party hosted by someone like Matthew would definitely make many people jealous of him. Therefore, it was not surprising that some people would send something like that to him to upset him on his big day

Suddenly, she felt that it was not easy to be an influential figure like Matthew.

“Why are you worrying so much? It’s considerate of them not to send any bombs to us today.”

Hearing the word “bombs,” Tiana, her two cousins, and the two socialites were all shocked. A hint of fear flashed across

their eyes.

Tiana couldn’t help but purse her lips. She asked, “What? Would someone send bombs s to our engagement party?”

She had never thought that Matthew’s woman would need to go through such ordeals.

Arching one of his eyebrows slightly, Matthew said, “If you want to be my woman, you’ll have to go through all this. If you

can’t take it, it’s better to call off the engagement.”

Looking at Tiana’s pale face, Elizabeth thought she had made the right choice to attend the event, for she had just

witnessed a good show.

She couldn’t exact vengeance on her own. Nonetheless, she was happy to see her enemy being overwhelmed by fears and


Tiana stammered, “Matthew, L. I didn’t mean that. I just didn’t expect that…”

Matthew lit a cigarette, and the blue flame flickered. He put the cigarette near his mouth and took a deep drag

“Get rid of the wreaths now!” he commanded.

His voice was cold and emotionless.

Suddenly, Elizabeth’s phone rang, and she answered it quickly

“Ms. Elliott”

“Lizzy, bad news. Something happened. A group of people rushed into the house and took Abby away. They want you to bring the money to them.”


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