Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 217

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 217

Chapter 217 Canceling The Engagement

When Hector slapped his thighs, Chelsea shot him a glance and asked, “Hector, what’s wrong?”

Seeing that the old man did not stop hitting his own thighs, Chelsea was scared out of her wits.

“Help, where’s the doctor?” she yelled.

Shortly after, they moved to the lounge and could no longer be bothered with any ceremonies,

Chelsea had initially wanted to go on stage, yet now, she had given up the thought. She only wanted Hector to be fine.

Tiana stood next to Matthew, waiting for the emcee to announce their names so that they could go on stage.

Never in her life had she felt so nervous. She kept taking deep breaths

Although she was not getting married on this day, she would officially carry Matthew’s last name after the day was over. The man would belong to her, and she would become the envy of every woman.

Moreover, she would also become the leading lady of the Wade family, and no one would dare to snatch her position away The more she thought about this, the calmer she became

I can’t embarrass myself later I absolutely can’t.


The emcee said excitedly. “Let us invite the future bridal couple on stage!”

Matthew strode onto the stage as Tiana followed hurriedly behind. Suddenly, she twisted her ankle and almost fell

Rachelle helped Tiana up and said, “Tiana, be careful.”

“I know,” replied Tiana in an icy tone.

She lifted her dress, raised her chin, then walked onto the stage pridefully.

The couple’s appearance made everyone cheer and clap in delight

The reporters’ cameras were facing both of them directly while live-streaming the ceremony to the public.

The engagement ceremony was a pivotal event in Mistwood Thus, everyone was looking forward to it, eager to witness it

Standing beside Matthew, Tiana looked at his handsome face. However, on such an occasion, Matthew was not afraid at all. His strong aura was enough to intimidate everyone.

She pursed her lips. I’ll make this powerful man submit to me. I’ll also make him fall in love with me and treat me as his

one and only

While the emcee was introducing the couple, Matthew’s expression was darkened slightly. At that moment, the phone in

his pocket rang

At first, he refused to pick it up. Yet, when he saw that it was the subordinate who followed after Elizabeth, he answered the call, pretending as if no one was around.

“What is it?” he asked.

“Mr. Hilton, Ms. Wade got into a van, but we didn’t manage to stop it. I heard from Cody that the loan sharks wanted to collect a debt, so they kidnapped Abby Ms. Wade is cooperating with them because she wants to rescue her daughter,” said the voice over the phone.

Matthew’s face fell after he heard what his subordinate said. He instructed, “Check their whereabouts. I’ll be there right


Hanging up the phone, Matthew took the microphone from the emcee and said, “The engagement has been canceled. Everyone can stay and feast. Enjoy your meal”

With that, he walked off the stage Tiana was stunned. She then quickly came back to her senses and went after him.

“Matthew, why did you cancel the engagement?” she asked.

She was unable to maintain her composure. All the guests are here. This day should’ve been my most glorious day. How did it end up like this? There’s no way I’ll let him leave; I just can’t

She then quickened her pace, trying to grab Matthew’s hand.

However, the footsteps he took were huge, so Tiana failed to catch up to him. On top of that, her high heels were too tall. She accidentally twisted her ankle and fell on the stage.

“Matthew…” she called out to him miserably while stretching her arm out in the direction he was leaving.

Unfortunately, the man did not stop. He left the ballroom with no hesitation.

Tears rolled down Tiann’s face. She looked downright pathetic at that moment.

Celine swiftly got on the stage and helped her daughter up. “Tia, are you injured?”

She examined Tiana’s body briefly and saw that her daughter’s expression was gloomy and grim. Yet, right then, not a


le person was willing to step forward to give them a hand.

Only Celine, a mother who truly loved her daughter, would reach out to Tiana.

The latter plunged into her mother’s embrace and asked, “Mom, what do I do? He doesn’t want to get engaged anymore.”

Despite knowing that the relationship between them was fake and was merely a deal, she was willing to devote herself to it

Hence, she did not understand why Matthew could not hold out a little longer.


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