Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 218

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 218

Chapter 218 Rescue My Daughter

Stroking Tiana’s back gently, Celine said, “Tia, your father and I won’t let Matthew off easily. Our daughter is not a pushover. We’ll make him pay for this”

Tiana cried so hard that her makeup was smudged. She looked at the guests below the stage.

Happiness was written all over their faces as they ate with great relish.

They’re really ruthless Can’t they see that I’m so upset? It seems like they’re all here to have a good laugh at me. She bit her lip and swore in her mind. I must win Matthew over By then, this will serve as a slap in everyone’s faces.

She believed that she was Matthew’s legitimate wife and that she was the only one who was worthy of him.

Meanwhile, after Elizabeth got into the van, the few men stared at her lasciviously. Every now and then, they would glimpse at her chest as well as her dress which had a high slit.

She blocked their view with her hand as her eyes dimmed.

I was in such a rush just now that I didn’t even have time to change my clothes. Later, I have to change them. If not, it will be inconvenient to save Abby in thus dress.

One of the men rubbed his chin and said, “Eugene, this woman looks really gorgeous. I’ve never seen a woman this beautiful. I wonder what she’d taste like.”

The man next to him elbowed him and said, “They only want money. It’s better if you don’t touch her.”

Feeling somewhat disappointed, the chubby man said, “The task is completed as soon as we receive the money. Whatever happens next has got nothing to do with them. I want to get a taste of her.”

With his eyes narrowed, Eugene said, “Sure. We’ll see how it goes when we get the money)

She clenched her fists slightly upon hearing those bastards’ words. She was itching to punch them.



Ever since she injured someone, she had stopped using violence. However, on this day, she could barely hold herself

Yet, when she thought of Abby, she forced herself to keep calm and only deal with the men after rescuing her daughter.

After a ride that took more than an hour, the van finally stopped.

Elizabeth asked, “Mister, do you have spare clothes? Can you lend me a set? It’s too cold outside. I’ll freeze to death if I go

out like this.”

She was in such a great hurry when she returned that she forgot to grab her coat. She just got directly into her car. Then,

when she arrived home, she did not enter the house as well. She got into their van straight away.

If she got off the vehicle now, she would be frozen to death.

After all, it was late winter at that moment. The temperature outside was merely around one to two degrees.

Eugene glanced at Elizabeth indifferently and got off the car. He walked to the trunk, took out a filthy military coat, and then threw it at her. “Get out of the car once you’ve put it on ”

Swiftly putting on the coat, Elizabeth thought that it was good enough to keep herself warm despite looking a little unsightly.

She tore off the edges of her dress, threw them away, and then buttoned up her coat.

The length of the coat was just right as it reached her ankle. Lowering her head, she noticed that her high heels were already gone. She believed that she might have lost them when she left the house earlier. Now, she could only go barefoot. Her toes curled up slightly.

She could already imagine the feeling of stepping on the icy ground. However, these worries were unimportant to her at such a crucial moment.

Her priority was to go to Abby’s side and comfort her, telling her not to be afraid.

Elizabeth proceeded to get off the vehicle. When her feet touched the ground, the bitter chill in the air bit at her soles as her heart skipped a beat.

Without hesitation, she followed the two men into the dilapidated residential building.

The stairs were dark and mucky, and the walls were covered with numerous advertisement flyers, such as locksmiths, curing various diseases, and job hiring

Climbing onto the first flight of stairs and seeing the lights of the corridor come on, Elizabeth scanned the contents of the advertisement flyers.

Eugene turned around and glanced at her. “If you want to see your daughter, you’d better move quick. Don’t get lost.”

Elizabeth retracted her gaze and scurried her way upstairs, following him closely.

As they arrived on the sixth floor, they knocked on one of the iron doors. Just as it was pushed open from inside, someone came out and asked, “Did you bring her?”

The chubby man pointed at Elizabeth and answered, “That’s the child’s mother.”

“Are you sure? You’d better not lead any cops here.”


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