Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 220

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 220

Chapter 220 Saving Her Daughter i

That sparked a loud laugh out of everyone, and the woman chuckled seductively. “Are you just learning about this, Ms.


There seems to be no difference between high-interest loans and robbery, yet people still fall for it, namely me

Panic flashed in her eyes as everyone roared in evil laughter. What should I do now?

She blinked. I need to see Abby first

“I’ll repay my debt, Samuel, but could you please let me see my daughter? I’ll call my friend to bring the rest of the money. once I’ve made sure she’s safe.”

“Your friend? Can we trust her?”

Samuel sipped his drink and leveled a dark gaze on Elizabeth, thinking she was aggravating for knowing the terms and conditions when she agreed to borrow the money but was refusing to pay it back now

She raised her right hand like a boy scout “I swear that I’d pay this debt that my friend had incurred to cover her hospital bills. She’s currently in the process of selling her house and will be able to pay off the loan once the sale goes through. I only need to make one phone call to her, and she will get the money here,” she uttered breezily, but a cold sweat broke out along her


Elizabeth didn’t know if Jessica had managed to sell her house. Even if she did, the sale might not have amounted to two


The more Elizabeth racked her brain over this, the more exasperated she felt at being duped out of so much money.

This is pissing me off. There’s nothing I can do after saving Abby except to make up for this huge loss.

Samuel could see Elizabeth was sincere and turned to the woman beside him “Follow her and listen to her phone call, Andrea.”

She untangled herself from him and hooked a finger at Elizabeth in a come-hither motion. “Follow me!”

Elizabeth followed her into a bedroom where she saw Abby tied up on the bed after the light switch was flicked on, her eyes swollen from crying

Abby itamediately opened her eyes as light flooded the room, tears still rolling down her face.

Elizabeth dove for her and grabbed her face, “No need to be afraid anymore, Abby. I’m here.”

She tugged the gag down from Abby’s mouth, and Abby wept loudly. “I’m scared, Lizzy.”

She rested her head on Elizabeth, and deep shivers racked her entire body. Everything that happened today must have. been overwhelming for a child.

Tears pooled near the corners of Elizabeth’s eyes, and she realized she had made a mistake this time.

She had assumed the company Josh worked at would be legitimate. Little did she know it was a loan shark in disguise. It’s all my fault, and now Abby is paying the price.

Elizabeth squeezed her closer. “Don’t be afraid, Abby. I’ll always be by your side. You will never be alone again.”

Pain wrenched her as the little girl in her arms cried her heart out in terror.

Andrea crossed her arms over her chest and watched the scene unfold with a disinterested expression. “You’ve seen your daughter, so make that call. If the money isn’t here by sunrise, you and your daughter will be fish food.”

Abby curled tighter into herself upon hearing that. Elizabeth patted her soothingly and undid her

Sweetheart. Get some sleep, and we’ll go home when you wake up.”

rope. “It’s late,

Abby looked at her with wide eyes as Elizabeth drew the blanket over her and cradled her small face. “I’ll be here. Don’t be

afraid, and


to sleep.”

Abby closed her eyes slowly. She must have been really exhausted.

Elizabeth took out her phone after Abby fell asleep and dialed Jessica’s number.

“Is something wrong, Lizzy? It’s late.


Her background was rowdy. She must still be working.

“Have you sold your house, Jess? I made a mistake and thought I borrowed money from Josh’s relative, but they’re actually loan sharks. Now they have Abby hostage. Do you have money? Could you front me some?” Elizabeth sniffled,

knowing Jessica was dealing with her problems, too.


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