Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 24

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 24

Chapter 24 The Truth 

Elizabeth nodded slightly. “Okay. I’ll go in and change. Wait for me here, Ruben.”

She did not want to invite Ruben in because Cody was around. Elizabeth did not want her

children to know about her relationship with the Wade family.

Grandpa might get angrier if he sees the kids. So it’s better not to let them meet one another

for now.

When Elizabeth stepped inside her house, Cody asked, “Lizzy, is that your family member?”

Cody was curious. She had always thought that Elizabeth had been living alone at such a

young age with her three children since she gave birth because the latter did not have any family

members to help her.

“No, he’s just my friend’s family member. He needs my help with something.” Elizabeth

shook her head.

Cody nodded knowingly in response as she put away the groceries.

Elizabeth went into her room and chose a blue floral dress with a beige coat from her closet.

These were the few nice clothes that she owned.

Despite not being the season’s latest trend, it was a timeless piece.

Elizabeth reached into her drawer and took out a jewelry box. There were two pieces of

jewelry inside, jade and a ring.

The ring was given to her by the man in her dreams. After all these years, she had never

thought of selling it, even after selling all her other jewelry pieces.

Elizabeth still saw a glimmer of hope. She wished to find her children’s biological father, and

she firmly believed that he was not an old man.

Then, Elizabeth placed the jade into a blue gift box. It was a vintage piece that was highly valuable. An old lady had gifted the jade to Elizabeth as a gift to express het gratitude for the

latter’s help.

Chapter 24 The Truth

It would soon be Michael’s birthday. Since Elizabeth could not afford an expensive/gift, she

wanted to give him the jade as a birthday present.

Elizabeth took her bag, headed out the door, and got into the Wade family’s car.

On her way to the Wade residence, she fixed her eyes on the view outside the window.

Elizabeth could not be more familiar with the street in front of her eyes. She had often dreamed

of it in the past six years of living alone. But in reality, she did not dare to set foot on it.

When they arrived at the Wade residence, Ruben called out, “Ms. Elizabeth, we’re home.”

Elizabeth only came back to her senses when she heard Ruben’s voice. She glanced at the

Wade family’s manor and got down from the car.

As she entered the house, Michael was sitting in the living room. It seemed like he had been

waiting for her. Michael was clad in a dark blue suit, and he looked energetic.

Tiana and Celine were there too. Even her father, Richard, was present.

Celine rose to her feet as she saw Elizabeth walk in. She exclaimed, “Lizzy is home!”

She was wearing a green embroidered dress, and she sashayed her way toward Elizabeth.

Elizabeth did not say a word when she saw Celine. Instead, she made her way to Michael.

and called out, “Grandpa!”

When Michael saw Elizabeth, his eyes lit up with happiness. Nodding, he offered, “Take a

seat, Lizzy. Just make yourself comfortable at your own home.”

Elizabeth sat next to Michael and ignored the family of three.

Richard was shocked to see her. “Lizzy, where have you been all these years? Why didn’t you

come home?”

Michael took a sidelong glance at Elizabeth. He felt that she had become prettier, but she

seemed to have lost a lot of weight. It must be hard for her to live alone outside.

Elizabeth replied to Richard, “Didn’t all of you want me out of the house?”

Chapter 24 The Truth

“Who wanted you out of the house? If you hadn’t done something disgraceful and ran away,

we wouldn’t have left you to fend for yourself!” Richard yelled with anger.

When the mother and daughter, Celine and Tiana, heard what Elizabeth said, they looked

away and dared not meet her eyes.

Only they knew what had happened back then. The others did not know the truth and

thought Elizabeth had run away from home.

Elizabeth shot Tiana and Celine her cold glare. There was a strong sense of hatred in her

dimmed gaze. She would never forget the incident from six years ago.

Not only did the mother-daughter duo ruin her reputation, but they also wanted to take her

life. They were ruthless.

“Did I run away myself?” Elizabeth sneered and continued, “Aunt Celine, Tia, was that really

what happened?”


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