Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 25

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Love From Michael 

When Tiana heard what Elizabeth said, she looked at Celine. Both of them were in a panic,

worrying that Elizabeth would tell everyone the truth about what had happened six years ago.

Tiana hurriedly changed the subject and asked, “Lizzy, didn’t you give birth to tiplets? Two

sons and a daughter. Why didn’t you bring them along? I’m their aunt!”

With that, she smirked arrogantly. Michael and Richard were conservative and prideful men.

Tiana had purposely mentioned Elizabeth’s children, who were born out of wedlock; she did not

want Elizabeth to talk about the incident.

Richard’s eyes widened in surprise after he heard what Tiana said. He questioned Elizabeth,

“Did you really give birth to those b**stards?”

Elizabeth was only a teenager when she was pregnant. She could not even tell who the

babies’ father was, yet she had the nerve to give birth to them.

As Elizabeth heard the insulting word, her face darkened.

I think this house is not the right place for my kids. After all, they only take my precious kids.

as some lowly, illegitimate kids.

Elizabeth’s heart ached as the word echoed in her ears. Even if she had to work hard her

whole life, she would never want anyone to look down on her children.

She probably seemed like a weak person on the outside, but she was actually a tough

person. She was willing to give up on everything for her three children.

You words, Mr. Wade. Those are my precious children, but not b*stards. If it’s like

what you said, didn’t you and Celine give birth to a b*stard too?” Elizabeth snapped.

Celine had seduced Richard back then. Then, she was pregnant with Tiana. After that, she

forced Elizabeth’s mother to leave. Since then, Elizabeth’s perfect family had broken apart.

Technically, Tiana could be considered the real illegitimate child.

“Elizabeth Wade, what did you say?” Tiana shouted in fury.


Chapter 25 Love From Michael

How dare she call me a b*stard?

Richard was so enraged that his face contorted. If Michael were not there, Richard would

have slapped Elizabeth.

Celine was furious, but she held herself back. After all, her affair with Richard had been

deemed as a disgrace by Michael too. That was the reason why Michael did not like Tiana, and

he also did not choose her as his heil.

Michael’s face fell. “That’s enough. Lizzy hasn’t been back for years. What’s the point of

fighting? Go home, all three of you. Leave me alone with Lizzy for a while.”

Richard stood up and gave

Elizabeth a cold glare. Please don’t come home. Otherwise, you’ll|

be the death of me.

Celine grabbed Tiana’s hand, walked out of the main building, and headed back to their


Elizabeth heaved a sigh of relief after they left. She wanted to control her emotions.

Howevei, Elizabeth’s anger welled up when she saw them, as she was reminded of how they had

treated her mother and her in the past.

Elizabeth would not go easy on Richard and his family. She would not miss any chance to stir

up trouble with them.

“Grandpa, I shouldn’t have come home. I made you upset the moment I’m back,” said

Elizabeth as she grabbed Michael’s hands.

She was still acting mischievously like how she used to.

Michael could not help but chuckle at the look of Elizabeth’s cheeky expression.

He tapped on her forehead and said, “You’re still the same girl I know. Aren’t you worried

that you’ll upset me? I’m the only person who loves you in this house.”

Elizabeth held Michael’s hand and leaned her head against his shoulder. “Grandpa, I know

you love me the most, so you won’t get mad at me no matter how naughty I am.

Chapter 25 Love From Michael

After all, Michael would like her more if she went against Richard, Celine, and Tiara, as the

former had always thought Richard was the one at fault. As such, there was nothing wrong with

Elizabeth defending her mother.

It showed that Michael’s effort to bring Elizabeth up was not in vain.

Michael burst into laughter again after hearing Elizabeth’s reply. Ruben, who was watching

their interaction at the side, was moved to tears.

Old Mi. Wade has not been so happy for many years. It’d be good if Ms. Elizabeth could

come home!

With that thought in mind, Ruben said, “Ms. Elizabeth, why don’t you move back home? Old

Mr. Wade will be over the moon!”

Elizabeth was in a trance after she heard Ruben’s request.

Even though Elizabeth’s relationship with Michael remained the same, they could not act as

if nothing had happened. After all, she was already a mother of three at that point.

Besides, Michael could not seem to accept the children yet.


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