Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 26

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 26

Chapter 26 What A Coincidence 

Michael had also avoided talking about the triplets. That matter remained a thorn in

Michael’s and Elizabeth’s hearts.


It was not easy for Michael to see Elizabeth again. Hence, he did not want to mess things.

There was not a day that he did not think about Elizabeth throughout these six years.

Elizabeth took out a gift box from her bag and passed it to Michael. “Grandpa, this is for you.

It’ll be your birthday next month, so I’m giving this to you in advance.”

He took the box from her and opened it. Inside the box, there was a jade with a unique

color. Michael smiled at her. “You don’t have to spend your money on me, Lizzy.”

Michael would gladly accept anything Elizabeth gifted him, as it was an expression of love

from her.

After that, both of them had lunch together. Michael had the habit of taking a nap. He sat in

the living room when they finished eating. Soon, he started to feel sleepy.

“Lizzy, your 100m is still there. Go in and rest if you’re tired. We have guests coming over

tonight, so you should stay for dinner. You can go home after they leave. I still have many things

that I wish to tell you,” said Michael.

Elizabeth had wanted to go back earlier to look for jobs online. Since Michael had asked her

to say, she did not want to ruin his mood. It would only take her a day, anyway.

Elizabeth agreed, “Okay, Grandpa. I’ll stay for dinner.”

Richard, Celine, and Tiana were in the living room, so Elizabeth did not want to be there. They would take the chance to mock her once Michael went back to his 100m. Elizabeth did not

want to fight with them.

She rose to her feet and helped Michael up. “Grandpa, let me help you back to your room.

After Elizabeth and Michael went upstairs, the three of them in the living room wore thell

Chapter 26 What A Coincidence

grim looks. Celine scoffed, “Darling, Lizzy hasn’t come home for years, and she has become

ruder than before.”

Celine always had a knack for turning things in her favor. She had been trying to seduce

Richard since she approached him back then. With that, she had eventually gotten in between

Richard and his wife before ruining his relationship with Elizabeth.

Richard looked upset upon hearing what Celine said. He changed the subject to avoid

ruining his mood. “Tia, when the Hilton family is here later, don’t let them know that Elizabeth is

my daughter.”

Richard refused to acknowledge Elizabeth as his daughter because he felt embarrassed by her

behavior and what she had done.



look appeared on Tiana’s face. “No problem, Dad.”

She sat next to Richard, held his hand, and comforted, “Dad, don’t be mad. You still have

me. I’m your best daughter.”

Richard smiled and reached out his hand to pat Tiana’s head. “Yes, I’m lucky to have met

your mother. I feel that my life is better having you as my daughter.”

The truth was if Richard had not cheated on his wife, Elizabeth would not have treated him

like her enemy.

Celine sat beside Richard and leaned on him.

Then she said coyly, “Darling, Elizabeth should have a good look at Tia’s future husband

later. He’s the head of the wealthiest family in Mistwood. Elizabeth should show some respect to

Tia instead of playing dirty tricks and fighting with us. Also, she should stop buttering Old Mr.

Wade up.”

Fury flashed across Richard’s eyes. In fact, he did not want to see Elizabeth at all.

Initially, Elizabeth only wanted to lean against the bed and rest for a while. Little did she

khow, she fell into a deep slumber. When she woke up, it was already three o’clock in the


Chapter 26 What A Coincidence

She jolted awake and thought she had imagined things when the familiar old room came into


Being in her room felt like she was back in her younger years when she was still the precious

daughter of the Wade family, who was loved by everyone.

She touched her face to sober up. Her room looked just as it was before. Hence, she ended

up oversleeping just now.

It seemed like nothing had changed, but in reality, everything was no longer the same.

Elizabeth sat in a daze and forced herself not to reminisce about the past. She was living a good

life, and she was blessed with three beloved children.

Elizabeth was not disheartened at her current life.

She got up and freshened herself up in the bathroom. After that, she opened her door and

walked out of the room.

At the same time, someone opened the door of the guest room opposite. A tall figure

appeared, and their eyes met.



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