Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 28

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 28

Chapter 28 Not That Simple 

Elizabeth took a seat next to her grandfather. She did not expect that the guest Michael had

mentioned earlier was Matthew.

If she had known it earlier, she would not have stayed.

Meanwhile, Tiana walked up to Matthew. “Matthew, let’s take a seat over here.”

She wanted to hold his hand, but he avoided her. At that moment, Tiana felt embarrassed. It

was then she remembered that they had nothing but a fake marriage.

The man had no feelings toward her at all. Hence, she had to work hard to make him fall in

love with her.

Returning to where he sat earlier, Matthew asked Michael, “Old Mi. Wade, may I know who

this lady is?”

He gazed at Elizabeth. The latter knitted her brows. She did not understand the intention of

him asking that question.

Before Michael could say anything, Tiana quickly piped up, “Her name is Elizabeth Wade,

our housekeeper’s daughter.”

Then, she shifted her gaze at Michael as though she was hinting at him not to disclose anything to the Hilton family, especially when Elizabeth had such an embarrassing past.

Michael’s expression changed subtly. However, he was someone who took his pride more seriously than anything else. As such, he admitted Tiana’s words in silence.

Elizabeth’s eyes became dim when she heard those words.

She should not have come home. Now that she had visited her grandfather, it was time for her to leave.

Then, she rose to her feet and said, “Grandpa, I’ll make a move first. You guys enjoy yourselves. I’ll pay you another visit when I’m free.”

Chapter 28 Not That Simple

She was mad at being introduced as the housekeeper’s daughter. However, she could not do

anything about it, as her grandfather had said nothing.

Since she was young, she had always felt a sense of unfairness for her mother to marry her

father. The man had kicked them out of the house after having an affair. He even allowed his

other daughter to introduce his ex-wife as a housekeeper.

Elizabeth felt extremely frustrated at that moment.

She wanted to make a fuss on the spot, telling everyone that she was the daughter of the

Wade family.

Nonetheless, she was in no position to do that, as her father would undoubtedly side with Kis

other daughter and his mistress.

Elizabeth tried to keep her elegance as she walked out of the Wade residence.

Matthew had thought that she was the daughter of the Wade family. Yet, he did not feel

surprised after knowing that she was the housekeeper’s daughter.

If she really was the daughter of the Wade family, she would not be living in Snowy Barber

and could barely pay her rent.

After leaving the Wade residence, Elizabeth leaned on the wall and closed her eyes, trying to

calm herself down.

She felt the urge to return to the residence and smashed everything up in the living room.

She also wanted to point at Tiana’s nose, telling her that she was the b*stard herself. At the same

time, she wanted to shout at Celine that she did not even deserve to carry shoes for her mother.

All those thoughts ran through her mind, yet there was nothing she could do.

Just then, a Mercedes-Benz stopped at the gate. Dominic got out of the car and gave her a


“What are you doing here, Lizzy?”

He could not find her everywhere just now, and he would not have found her there if he had

Chapter 28 Not That Simple

not asked Cody.

Elizabeth lifted her head upon hearing his voice. She then forced a smile on her face.

“I’m here to visit Grandpa, but I suddenly feel dizzy.”

She told a blatant lie. It was not the dizziness. Instead, she was overwhelmed with anger.

Dominic helped her to get into the car and fastened her seat belt before he got into the

driver’s seat.

“Let me take you to the hospital.”

Noticing her pale look, he would only feel relieved for her to get a checkup in the hospital.

Elizabeth took in a deep breath and replied, “No need. Just send me home.”

Then, she wound down the car window to let the breeze caress her skin in an attempt to

calm herself down.

She hated the family of three, but not her grandfather. Therefore, she could not make a scene

that day because she did not want to embarrass her grandfather anymore. Moreover, her

grandfather was not in good health.

She swore to make the mother and daughter pay for the horrible things they had done to her.

Dominic turned to look at her occasionally while driving the car.

“Did you get into a fight with your family?”

All these years, she was always smiling whenever he saw her. It was his first time seeing her

sad that day.

Meanwhile, Matthew followed behind Elizabeth when she left, thinking of sending her


Nonetheless, he saw her get into Dominic’s car. He rubbed his chin as a tinge of

complicated feeling flashed across his eyes.


He wondered why the seemingly ordinary woman could enter the Wade residence as she

Chapter 28 Not That Simple

pleased. On top of that, she could even have the eldest son of the Campbell family pick her up.

For some reason, he felt unhappy when he saw the woman get into someone else’s cal.



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