Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 29

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 29

Chapter 29 Elizabeth On A Date

Elizabeth shook her head. “No. We didn’t fight.”

She had never mentioned her family before. Dominic found out that she was from the Wade

family only when he was helping her to register for an account.

Given her identity, he could not understand why she would live such a miserable life out

there while raising the children all by herself.

He felt sorry for her. Despite feeling curious, he knew she had to be on bad terms with her

family to have moved out alone.

Therefore, he had asked his friend to help with the account registration without alerting the

Wade family.

“Lizzy, I’m always there for you. You can look for me whenever you need help.”

He would always be waiting for her as long as she was willing to give him a chance.

Elizabeth smiled. “I’m fine. It’s just that I haven’t recovered from the cold a few days ago.

Don’t worry about me.”

Dominic stopped probing further upon hearing her. He stayed back for dinner after sending

her back to Snowy Barber.

It was getting dark when he left. Elizabeth and her children sent him off at the door.

Abby waved at him. “Goodbye, Mr. Dominic!”

Arthur and Antony also bid goodbye to him. “Drive safe, Mi. Dominic.”

Dominic liked coming to Elizabeth’s house because everyone there was friendly. Their smiles

were sincere and warm.

He found comfort in the place, and its peacefulness was a stark contrast to the rest of the


After seeing the car drive some distance away, the family walked back home happily.

Elizabeth said to the two boys, “You two have lessons later at night. You’d better pack up

leave soon.”


Abby also had her piano lesson shortly. Elizabeth needed to send her and watch her there.

Nonetheless, she felt troubled whenever she thought of the sixty thousand fees. She had to

look for a job the next day regardless.

Elizabeth changed her clothes before leaving the house. Then, she wrapped a scarf around

Abby’s neck.

“Sweetheart, you have to focus on the lesson today. Don’t be naughty.”

Abby was the one who picked the course for herself. Nonetheless, she became restless and

stopped taking it seriously after some time.

Abby nodded upon hearing her mother. “Okay. I got it.”

Then, she stared at Elizabeth and asked, “Lizzy, did Mr. Handsome, who always takes care of

you, ask you out for a meal or a movie?”

That was what she had seen in the television drama where the male lead would ask the

female lead to go on a date after taking care of her when she was sick. Then, the two would

married after dating for some time.


Elizabeth felt frustrated at the mention of Matthew. She thought she had a stroke of bad luck

for owing the man so much money for no reason. Even if she were to die of illness, she would not

want him to take care of her.

That was a sky-high price for taking care of her. She wished she was able to earn so much.


Just then, her phone started ringing. Abby immediately helped her to bring the phone over.

“Lizzy, your phone is ringing. Maybe Mr. Handsome is going to ask



Elizabeth wrapped a scarf around her neck, thinking that the man would not be calling her at

that hour. He should be drinking with his father-in-law now. Why would he even call met

Then, she took her phone over from her daughter and almost dropped it in shock. It was at

call from Matthew, indeed.

Abby urged, “Hurry up! Answer it!”

The man was her creditor, after all. She had no choice but to answer his call.


Her tone was cold as though she was talking to a complete stranger.

“Elizabeth, come over to Jupiter Mansion in half an hour, or I’ll double the interest.”

He hung up the call as soon as he dropped his words. Elizabeth frowned, and her face turned


Is there an interest? She felt regretful for signing the contract at that moment.

Abby jumped around happily when she heard their conversation.

“Yay! Mi. Handsome really asked you out! Go put on some makeup and doll up yourself. I’m

attending my lesson now. I promise I’ll behave.”

Elizabeth felt anxious as she watched her daughter descending the staircase joyfully.

“Abby, let me go with you. Do you hear me?


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