Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 30

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 30

Chapter 30 How Should I Punish You

Elizabeth frowned, wondering how her daughter learned those things like pouncing on

someone and making babies.

By the time she went downstairs, it was already half past six. She needed to arrive at Jupiter

Mansion by seven o’clock. Therefore, she could only drive her second hand Carter over.

The traffic was severely congested because it was the peak hour when everyone got off work.

Her car would burn a lot of fuel in that situation. She was distressed at the fact that she would

have to spend more on the fuel.

Elizabeth had spent a lot of money on buying that car for the convenience of sending Abby

to the hospital at night.

She rarely drove that car on any ordinary day, as the fuel consumption would cost her a lot.

Nonetheless, it would be more costly to grab a cab at that hour. After mulling over it, she decided

to drive.

It was not a smooth ride, and she could not help worrying about the fuel cost throughout the

way. Finally, she arrived at the Jupiter Mansion, but the security guards refused to let her enter.

Elizabeth informed him of the unit number and said, “I’m his guest. You can give him a call it

you don’t believe me.”

The security guards looked puzzled. Does Mr. Hilton have such a poor friend?

They did not believe her words, as they had to chase away countless people who tried to

approach Matthew every day.

It was the first time they saw someone in an old Carter asking to meet Matthew.

Is she trying to gain Mr. Hilton’s sympathy and win his heart?

“MI. Hilton doesn’t want to meet anyone.”

Elizabeth became furious upon hearing that. If she had not spent so much on the fuel to drive over, she would have left immediately.

On top of that, the man had threatened her to double the interest. She could not bear to pay

more given how poor she was.

Hence, she took her phone out and dialed his number.

“Elizabeth, you’re five minutes late. Why are you not here yet?”

A man’s voice rang out coldly with a tinge of anger.

Elizabeth took in a deep breath, trying to calm herself down. After all, the man was her

creditor who could raise her interest as he pleased, and she probably could not afford to clear the

debt if he did so.

“Mr. Hilton, I’ve arrived, but the security guards won’t let me in.”

Matthew replied, “Let me handle it.”

With that said, he hung up the phone. The security guards let her enter in no time,

ingratiating smiles plastered on their faces.

Elizabeth paid no heed to them and drove into the mansion district immediately.

The mansion district was one of the most expensive areas of Mistwood. It was also one of the

properties owned by Hilton Group.

She found Block A8 based on the map Matthew had shared with her earlier. Then, she parked

her car after driving into the courtyard. Right then, her phone rang.

Elizabeth looked at the caller on the phone screen. It was Jessica. She was afraid that the

latter might have something urgent. Hence, she answered it instantly.


Jessica was still in the hospital. As her daughter had fallen asleep after getting an IV drip, she lowered her voice as she spoke. “Lizzy, I’ve heard from Abby that you went on a date. Are you with Matthew? All the best! You’ll live a carefree life once you win his heart!”

Elizabeth was rendered speechless.

She was there to pay off her debt, but not to attend a date. How dare Abby spread my news

around now!

Abby was indeed giving her a headache. Elizabeth sometimes wondered why her daughter

was so talkative and busybody.

She rubbed her temples as she replied, “Jess, I can never get together with Matthew. He’s

getting married soon. So, stop spouting nonsense.”

“You’re silly! He’s not married yet. Even if he did, he could get a divorce too. Look at my

husband. He could run away with his mistress and leave his wife and children just like that!”

Elizabeth chuckled. “Ms. Jessica, I thought you hate a mistress most. Why are you asking nie

to be one now?”

Jessica smacked her forehead lightly upon hearing her. “Lizzy, I’m saying that because I think Matthew likes you. He’ll be yours if you’re willing to make a move.”

Just then, another call came in. Elizabeth took a look. As she had expected, it was Matthew.

“Jess, I’ve got to go. I’ll visit Pearl tomorrow, and we’ll talk when we meet.”

After ending the call, she walked toward the mansion briskly. Matthew had given her the access code. After keying in the code, she entered the house and saw the man sitting on the

couch. He seemed to have drunk a little too much.

The man pulled his tie loose with his slender fingers while squinting his eyes.

“Elizabeth, you’re ten minutes late. I need to punish you.”

The man looked wild as he gazed at her. He reached out and pulled her over. Taken off guard, Elizabeth fell on his body.



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