Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 31

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 31

Chapter 31 Doll Owned By Matthew

His body was so fhm that when he knocked into her, it felt very painful. She put her hand on

his shoulder to stand steadily, and their eyes met.

“What kind of punishment would you like? How about increasing the interest of your debt?”

Judging from his behavior, Elizabeth could tell he had drunk quite a lot. No wonder he sounded strange over the phone. He spoke more passionately rather than in the usual indifferent

and cold tone.

Thinking that he was drunk, Elizabeth helped him to remove his tic.

He felt more comfortable after his tie was removed. Then, he cast his alluring eyes upon her.

“I’ve drunk quite a lot tonight, and I’m feeling pretty awful now. Do you know how to make

a hangover remedy?”

In fact, he did not drink much, as he only drank a glass of white wine. Besides, he had

always been a good drinker. He simply wanted to feel how it was to be drunk.

It was as though he could only express his true feelings when he was not sober.

Elizabeth blinked her big eyes and said, “Yes, I know how to make it. Mr. Hilton, didn’t your

ask me to come here and do some chores? So, what exactly are the chores?”

It seemed like someone had been cleaning Matthew’s house frequently, as it looked pretty

clean and neat.

Matthew looked into her eyes. She’s such a naive girl, and she gets tricked so easily.

“Can you clean my bedroom and cook me meals?”

Matthew had never allowed anyone to enter his bedroom. Even the housekeeper of the

Hilton residence dared not enter his room.

Elizabeth’s brows settled into a frown as she said, “I can clean the house, but I can’t cook

that well.”

Most of the time, Cody would be preparing the meals because Elizabeth was bad at cooking. Not wanting to harm her children with her horrible cooking, Elizabeth could only keep Cody in

the house.

“That’s okay. You can pick up the skills. Make me some hangover remedy now.”

Elizabeth slightly nodded and went into the kitchen. She had no issue making the hangover remedy. Dominic had often been forced to drink during his business meetings, so Cody had made.

him the same remedy a few times before. Hence, Elizabeth had learned how to make the remedy

from Cody.

She took a tomato and cut it into pieces. Then, she placed the cut pieces into the water and

boil them. The remedy would be ready when the water developed a tangy taste.

While waiting for it to boil, Elizabeth took out her calculator and started doing the

calculation. She had to pay a total amount of one hundred twenty-five thousand. How much

monthly wage would I need if I wish to clear the debt as soon as possible?

She thought for a while before deciding to ask for ten thousand. Before this, she had gone.

online to make some research. She found out that housekeepers who worked for half a day

usually would be paid around four thousand a month. Thus, ten thousand was quite a lot to ask


Elizabeth brought the hangover remedy to the living room and placed it in front of Matthew.

“Mr. Hilton, the remedy is ready. Be careful. It’s still hot.”

He could not help but chuckle at her move. It was unusual to have someone reminding him.

and taking care of him attentively.

“Mr. Hilton, can I ask for a monthly wage of ten thousand?”

He’s definitely not in a clear state of mind now because he’s drunk. As long as he agrees to

my request now, there’s no way for him to go back on his words tomorrow.

Matthew sat right up and was about to use a spoon to scoop the remedy. After hearing what

she said, he furrowed his brows slightly. She is thinking of swindling me!

“I’m offering you five thousand a month, which is already one thousand more than the market price.”

Elizabeth cursed inwardly, What a cunning man! How could he still be this sensible even

when he’s drunk?

Pouting her lips, she seemed reluctant to accept the offer, but he was not wrong about the market price. Thus, she was in no position to turn him down.

“Okay, I’ll accept it.”


She’s going to work hard here for two years then! That’s going to cost me a lot!

Looking at how her face darkened, Matthew found her adorable, and he broke into a faint

smile unknowingly.

“You can go and clean up the room now. It’s the first room on the second level.”

Elizabeth went upstairs and entered the first room. It was very spacious, and there was a

study that led to the bedroom inside.

She went directly to the bedroom. It was very dark in the bedroom, as the wallpaper and the

beddings were all in black color. Aside from that, the bed was a mess.

Elizabeth decided to start tidying the bed first. The moment she lifted the blanket, she saw a

stunning woman lying on the bed. However, it was not a real human.

It looked like one of Abby’s Barbie dolls, but it was a life-sized one.

She carried the life-sized doll and walked to the stairway.

Then, she yelled at the man downstairs, “Mr. Hilton, I don’t know you still play with dolls.

Let me put some clothes on her and do a makeover for her. You’ll be surprised how attractive she

can be!”

Matthew, who was drinking the remedy, choked and spat the liquid out. How could I forget

about that?


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