Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 32

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 32

Chapter 32 She Needs To Be Taught A Lesson

The next scene that came into Elizabeth’s sight was the handsome man running at light speed to her before grabbing the doll from her. After that, he went into the room and stuffed the doll

into the deepest corner of his closet.

Elizabeth was dumbfounded as she followed him into the bedroom. She then saw him

coming out from the walk-in closet.

Blinking in confusion, she said, “Mr. Hilton, I haven’t put on any clothes for her or tied up

her hair.”

I didn’t expect this man to have such a hobby. He likes to play with Barbie dolls like Abby

too. He must be feeling embarrassed right now!

However, Elizabeth thought it was normal. Everyone had their own hobbies, after all.

Matthew shot her a cold glare and asked, “Elizabeth, are you a fool?”

I think anyone with common sense would’ve known what it is, yet she’s still trying to pretend

that it’s nothing. She’s obviously mocking me.

Elizabeth’s big, deep eyes lit up as she broke into a smile.

“Mr. Hilton, my daughter likes to play with her dolls too. She dresses the dolls up beautifully

every day. There’s no need for you to feel embarrassed about this. I’ll keep it a secret.”

She needs to be taught a lesson. Suddenly, Matthew felt a sense of fury surge through him.

He strode forward and carried her before throwing her on the bed.

Elizabeth could not even react to his swift move. She only felt the fear in her grow stronger

when she got thrown on the bed.

“What are you doing?”

Did I say anything wrong? Matthew, are you out of

your mind?

He was so infuriated that he pinned her below him and kissed her while she was still

mumbling continuously.


Is it true that she doesn’t know anything? Let me teach her then!


Elizabeth was so shocked that she wanted to call for help, but she could not make a sound.

He pressed his lips against hers, and he was rough with his move.

He held her hands tightly and pinned her legs down too. As such, she could not even move a

Matthew could no longer hold himself back when he tasted her lips. They taste exactly like what I’ve always remembered.

He had lost control of himself, and he only came back to his senses when he tasted the bitterness of Elizabeth’s tears that fell onto their lips.

He was in a panic, yet he looked slightly pathetic.

The next instant, he quickly sat up and heaved a sigh. Alcohol isn’t a good-thing for real. I’ve done such a shameless act when I only drank one glass of it.

He took a look at Elizabeth, who was crying her eyes out on the bed. She was trembling in


Her clothes were all mussed up being pulled by him. He felt sony when he heard her weeping in sorrow.

It took him quite a long time to calm down.

“Elizabeth, don’t ever tamper with my things again. You can leave after everything.”

you clean


With that said, he rose to his feet and left. Meanwhile, Elizabeth continued to cry for a long while before regaining her composure.

Staring at the ceiling with her swollen eyes, she thought of what had happened just a

moment ago. She was terrified as the thought hit her.

Having been taught by Michael since she was young, she had always been conservative. She

had never dated anyone or had any intimate moment with a man.

Except for the dream that did not feel like a dream. She was unconscious at that time, so she

did not know what had actually happened.

It was her first time being kissed by someone when she was fully conscious. Aside from that,

it was also the first time a man had treated her like that. Thus, she was overwhelmed with fear.

She slowly curled herself up. I know nothing about relationships, but I was forced to

experience such a horrible thing six years ago. Because of that, I had been mocked and scolded

by others.

She was deeply affected by that incident. It was the main reason why she had not thought of

having a boyfriend all these years.

Not only that, she had no thoughts of getting married, too. She only wanted to live a happy

life with her three children.

Elizabeth buttoned her top and wiped off her tears. She swore not to cry and to be strong. No

matter what happened, she had to stay strong.

It was not a time for her to be weak, as she had to be the pillar of strength for her three

children. They still had to depend on her.

Matthew was very upset when he saw her in such an awful state. His gaze dimmed a little.

In fact, Matthew hardly showed his interest in women. Hence, Nicolas had given him the

life-sized doll as a present, just in case Matthew needed some relief. It was unexpected that

Matthew would get so worked up when Elizabeth happened to see that doll.

Whenever he was in front of Elizabeth, he seemed to lose control of himself easily. He was

so possessive of her as he felt a strong desire to make her his woman.


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