Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 35

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 35

Chapter 35 A Fight

Elizabeth’s eyes lit up when she heard that.

This is great. If I had this last night, Matthew wouldn’t have been able to move after a single prick, and I wouldn’t have been taken advantage of.

“I’ll have this one, then. How many times can I use it?” she asked.

She hoped it was not designed for one-time usage. That would be unacceptable, as the item.

was for cheap either.

The staff explained, “There is spare anesthetic here. When you’ve used up the anesthetic in

the ring, you can replenish it yourself. Hence, you can reuse it three hundred times.”

Elizabeth purchased two. They each cost her two thousand. Her heart ached from how pricey

it was, but it was a life-saving tool for a single woman like her.

She put the other in Jessica’s hand and advised, “You should wear one, too, since you’re

always in the nightclub. Use this to protect yourself when you’re in danger.”

Elizabeth had worked at Night City before and knew it was filled with all sorts of people.

Naturally, she felt worried about Jessica working there.

At first, Elizabeth wanted to return to her old line of work, too, but she decided against it

when she thought about her three children.

If anything happens to me, what will be of them?

Jessica did not decline the offer but accepted the ring. “Thank you.”

Elizabeth circled her arm around Jessica as they exited the shop. “No need to thank me.”

Suddenly, Jessica noticed her husband walking with his mistress in front of them. She

immediately rushed forward with gritted teeth.

She grabbed the man’s hair and admonished, “You b*stard! You don’t care about your

daughter. I asked you to test your bone marrow, but you’re afraid of pain.”


Overcome with fury, Jessica landed a slap on his face.

Her husband, Patrick Lester, spun on the spot from the tight slap as the woman beside him.

screamed, “Help! Someone’s fighting!”

Soon, many spectators gathered around. When Patrick came to his senses, he started fighting

back. He grasped a fistful of Jessica’s hair and pulled forcefully.

“How dare you hit me! I’m going to end you!”

Elizabeth was shocked, but she immediately removed her high heels when she saw the two

ganging up on Jessica and dashed toward them.

“Don’t hit her!”

Then, Elizabeth hit Patrick and his mistress’ heads with her heels. Seeing blood gushing from

their heads, the spectators were stunned and quickly called the police.

When the police arrived, they saw a pair of beautiful ladies beating up a man and another

woman sobbing at the side.

“Stop! You’re going to harm him!”

The police quickly separated the ladies from Patrick. Blood was dripping from the corners of

Elizabeth’s lips, and her hair was a mess.

Jessica’s cheeks were bruised and swollen. She tugged her blouse, itching to get in a few

more kicks.

The police stopped her. “Enough. Come with us to the police station.”

Meanwhile, Patrick was bleeding from his head. His shirt was torn, and there were scratches.

all over his face as well.

He pointed at the two hysterical women and whimpered, “Sit, those two women are crazy. They attacked my girlfriend and me. I will sue them and make sure they go to prison.”

Elizabeth and Jessica finally came down from their high of beating up Patrick.


However, if they were both brought to the police station, then what would happen to their

Jessica blocked Elizabeth and said to the police officer, “Just take me away, sin. She has

nothing to do with this.”

The mistress beside Patrick pointed at Elizabeth. “You must arrest her, sit. She’s the one who

wounded us in the head.”

The police said coldly, “Stop talking. All of you will be taken away. Send those two to be treated in the hospital first. We’ll interrogate them later.”

In the CEO’s office of Hilton Group, Esme entered the room and strode toward the office


“Look at this video, Mr. Hilton. Ms. Wade just fought with someone.”


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