Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 36

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 36

Chapter 36 Two Pitiful Women

Matthew watched Elizabeth rushing over with her heels in her hand like she was prepared to

go all out in that fight.

He chuckled softly, thinking she could not possibly be more adorable.

Esme felt as if he had just done something right by showing Matthew the video as soon as he

found it.

As expected, Ms. Wade is indeed Mr. Hilton’s type. Mr. Hilton Harely ever smiles, and he

always acts like an ice statue. He’s so cold he makes me want to quit my job.

“I shall bail Ms. Wade out right now, Mi. Hilton.”

Seeing Elizabeth being taken away by the police, Esme took the initiative to bail her out.

After all, he had nothing to see and everything to gain by pleasing the future wife of the CEO.

Matthew narrowed his eyes after watching the video. Saving her is a must. That girl must be


Thinking of how he had scared her last night, he decided to personally go to her now.

Perhaps it would help her reduce her anger toward him, too.

With that, he stood


and said, “I’ll go there myself.”

Esme was slightly taken aback. There was, in fact, no need for Matthew to do that


However, Esme realized that Matthew had just agreed with his idea.

Since Elizabeth was very likely going to become Matthew’s wife in the future, Esme decided

to go with Matthew.

“I will ask them to get the car ready, Mr. Hilton.”

Matthew put on his black coat and took his car keys. “There’s no need for that. I’ll

go there

by myself.”

Esme stopped in his tracks. What a manipulative man! If he went all by himself to save Ms.

Wade, she’s definitely going to be moved.

At the police station, Elizabeth and Jessica gave their statements. Both of them called Patrick

a jik for betraying his wife and refusing to save his child.

The police empathized with them as well, as they loathed bad guys as much as those two


Regardless, Elizabeth and Jessica had indeed beaten someone up, which was considered an

intentional assault. It was a serious case seeing as they had broken the law.

Patrick and his mistress, Xena Chantrell, insisted on suing them, and the police were stuck in

a difficult position.

Elizabeth and Jessica were locked up in the same interrogation room. They were asked to

call someone to bail them out and prepare for a lawsuit.

Jessica came in after Elizabeth, and she sat beside Elizabeth with an apologetic expression.

“It’s all my fault for involving you in this, Lizzy.”

Now that we’re both in here, what’s going to happen to our kids?

As Jessica thought about this, she could not help but slap herself.

“It’s all my fault. Why would I still put hope in that j’ik? He would’ve gone long ago if he

intended to undergo the test. What’s the use of throwing a tantrum?” she berated herself.

Elizabeth hugged her and said, “That was my first fight, and it felt pretty good. Whenever I

think about Pearl, I’d feel like doing more than just beating up that shameless couple.”

Elizabeth smiled before continuing. “We’re best friends, Jessica. Let’s not talk about this right

now. More importantly, we have to find someone to bail us out.”

Elizabeth did not have many friends for the past few years. Working hard every day to

provide for her three children, she had not had time to meet new friends.

Sometimes, her previous colleagues would invite her out for a meal or shopping.

Yet, she always declined them, as she was too busy. As time passed, everyone stopped inviting her out because they thought she was wrapped up with work. That was why she slowly

lost all her friends.

It was the same for Jessica as well. Due to her daughter’s sickness, Jessica had to bonow money from her relatives. After that, everyone was afraid of her, and they avoided her like the


Jessica said bitterly, “Everyone immediately hangs up on me when they hear my voice on the

phone. How would they possibly pay for my bail?”

The two exchanged looks and smiled.

Their situations were shockingly alike.


Elizabeth sighed. “When can both of us live like normal people?”

Just then, the door swung open, and in came two police officers. “Elizabeth, someone is here

to bail you out.”


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