Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 38

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 38

Chapter 38 You Are So Lucky

Elizabeth whispered, “I owe him money, so you can say so.”

She considered her relationship with Matthew as one which was between a debtor and a

creditor. That seemed to be all it was to her.

Dominic frowned. “He’s your creditor?”

He thought their relationship seemed to be more than that, but he was afraid to point it out.

Elizabeth nodded. As she exited the police station, she saw Matthew get into a cat.

She followed quickly and knocked on the window.

A handsome but frigid face appeared when the car window was rolled down slowly, and he

gave her a cold-eyed stare.

Elizabeth hesitated and said, “Mr. Hilton, thank you for coming to bail me out today, but I

just want to say that it wasn’t I who made you do that and waste your time.”

Elizabeth was worried that he would charge her for causing him any losses in his business.

that morning. As an average wage-earner, she could not afford to pay him back..

When she heard Omar saying that Matthew was the one who bailed her out just now.

Elizabeth almost fell to the ground. She wanted to ask Matthew to leave her alone in the future.

since his time was so precious.

Matthew’s face darkened even more. He initially thought he would have to be mad to come

here and try to please Elizabeth. Besides, it was not like she appreciated it at all either.

Now that she had Dominic coming to bail her as well, it was as if Matthew had just become


As he thought of this, Matthew’s expression became even colder. “The bail is twenty

thousand. Do you prefer cash or online transfer, Ms. Wade?”

The color instantly drained from Elizabeth’s face. How am I ever going to pay such a huge


sum? She was currently poor as a church mouse.

Elizabeth turned a deaf ear to Matthew’s question, cudgeling her brain for a solution.

“Ms. Wade, shouldn’t you pay the bail yourself?”

Elizabeth forced a smile at Matthew, reaching into the car and helping him straighten his tie.

She chuckled awkwardly. “Your tie is crooked. I’ve straightened it for you.”

Then she smiled ingratiatingly. “Mi. Hilton, can you put it down with my other one hundred and twenty thousand? Perhaps I could pay it back by working as your maid?”

She felt that paying back the money was impossible. However, she figured she could

compensate by doing chores like housekeeping and cooking.

Her heart would ache if she took out such a huge sum of money, and she didn’t have that

much money either.

Looking at Elizabeth’s expression, Matthew curled his lips.

“Ms. Wade, now you owe me one hundred and fifty thousand, including interest, and I will

add it to your IOU.”

Elizabeth nodded profusely. “Sure.”

To her, as long as she did not have to pay back the money now, then it was fine.

Matthew’s eyes narrowed, and he spoke in a mild tone. “Remember that you still owe me

money. You must not let yourself be involved in any accidents or die.”

Elizabeth kept nodding her head. “Okay, Mr. Hilton. Rest assured that I will make sure I live

to a hundred years old. No, I mean, I will stay healthy and safe before I

pay back

my debt.”

That was what she said, but she was cursing him in her heart.

What a petty man you are! Are you just afraid that I wouldn’t be able to pay you back the

money after I die? Even if I died, I have three children, and they will pay it back for me. Don’t

wolly, we won’t run away.


Matthew’s car zoomed off like lightning, giving Elizabeth such a fright she leaped right

It almost scared the wits out of her, as she had almost been swept away with the car.

She kicked the air angrily. “Matthew, you bastard!”

Jessica walked toward her and burst out laughing.

“Elizabeth, you are so lucky. The heirs from the two biggest families in Mistwood are

pursuing you. You really make me envious.”

Elizabeth only felt like crying when she thought of the one hundred and fifty thousand she

owed Matthew.

“Envious? Don’t be envious. All I want to do right now is cry!”

39 Pitiful


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