Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 40

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 40

Chapter 40 Unfortunate

Elizabeth accepted the money, which amounted to five hundred. Her eyes lit up when she

saw the amount. Mr. Hilton is so generous. I’ll only need two hundred to prepare these dishes.

Does this mean I can keep the remaining three hundred?


As she pondered about that, she had already decided which market she was going to visit

Elizabeth decided to send the three children home first before she headed out to the nearby

market to buy the ingredients.

Just as she got behind the wheel, her phone rang.

She was just using her phone for navigation when she saw the message that she had just

come in.

Matthew: Remember to send me the receipts. I’ll check the amount spent on the ingredients.

Elizabeth was so infuriated that she threw her phone down. She wanted to curse, but she

held back the urge to do so because her kids were still inside the car.

Hence, she could only curse inwardly as she drove.

Matthew Hilton, you’re such a cheapskate! You’re a b’stard! A freaking jik!

Those were the only words she could think of. Since she had never quarreled with anyone before, she was at a loss for words.

Since Abby did not take a nap that day and had cried her heart out in the hospital earlier, she immediately fell asleep once she got into the car.

In the passenger’s seat, Cody kept sighing. “Pearl is so pitiful. Her mother is suffering as well.”

Arthur put Abby’s head on his lap before he took off his jacket and wrapped it around the latter’s body. Clearly, he was an extremely thoughtful child.


Antony felt sorry for Pearl as well. Thus, he suggested, “Mommy, if we have money, let’s lend

some to Ms. Fryel”

He and Arthur had just earned five hundred thousand, and the money was just enough to pay

for the treatment fee. Since Elizabeth was not willing to spend it on anything else, Antony figured

that they might as well use it to save Pearl’s life.

Elizabeth was stunned when she heard that, but she quickly snapped out of her daze, as she

knew that she had to focus while driving.

“All right. I’ll help Jessica. Don’t worry about this and just focus on your studies.”

Antony assumed that his mother was going to follow his suggestion. He then cast a

meaningful glance at Antony.

Mommy’s finally been enlightened. Before this, she wouldn’t even touch the money. All she

does is act tough. Stu pid Mommy really makes us worry a lot about her.

Elizabeth sent the three kids to Snowy Barber before she drove toward the farmer’s market.

She had decided to talk to Matthew about the gas fees that night.

If he would not reimburse her, she would not drive to the mansion anymore. She would take

a taxi there so that he would pay the fare.

After spending half an hour in the market, she finally bought everything she needed. In fact, she was not very good at cooking. However, she had no choice but to embarrass herself because she was doing it to pay her debts.

I won’t be the one eating the disgusting food anyway. She smirked as she put two bags of groceries into her Carter before she drove toward Jupiter Mansion.

When Elizabeth was about several hundred meters away from Jupiter Mansion, the tire of her car suddenly blew out. She then got out of her car and saw that the tire was completely flat.

She kicked it forcefully and cursed, “Why can’t you behave yourself for another several hundred more meters?”


At that moment, her car was blocking a row of cars on the road. A traffic police officer soon

came to tell her to move her car to the right lane.

Initially, Elizabeth thought of driving into the area of the mansion to change her tire.

However, the tire was completely flat, so she could not do that, after all.

The traffic police asked. “Miss, do you need me to call the tow truck for you?”

He was worried that the woman could not handle the matter by herself.

Thinking about the towing fee, Elizabeth shook her head. “No. I’m fine.”

The traffic police then gave her a standard salute before he went behind her car to manage

the traffic.

Ever since Elizabeth had bought this trashy car, she had mastered countless skills in fixing.

cars. Hence, she could easily change the car tire by herself.

She took out the jack and spare tire from the trunk before she started changing the tire by the

roadside. After the car was lifted with the jack, she unscrewed the screws from the rim with the



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