Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 41

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 41

Chapter 41
Stu pid Woman
Elizabeth gnashed her teeth as she dismantled the screws from the flat tire. She looked
extremely attractive at that moment.
Many drivers whistled as they drove past.
“Hey, gorgeous! You’re amazing!”
“Pretty babe! Do you need help?”
Elizabeth was so impatient to finish her task that she ignored all those voices.
Right at that moment, a sports car came to a halt, and then the car window was wound down
slowly. Nicolas stared at the woman who was changing the flat tire.
Isn’t that the woman Matt brought away from the nightclub? It’s only two hundred meters.
away from his place here. Does this mean he’s gotten her?
He found the matter extremely interesting. Hence, he started to record a video of Elizabeth
changing the flat tire and sent it to Matthew.
At that moment, Matthew was at home, glancing at the clock every few seconds. It’s already
seven o’clock. Where’s that woman?
He had called her several times, but she did not answer his calls.
Suddenly, he received a WhatsApp message from Nicolas.
There was a video attached.
Nicolas: Matt, look who’s herel She’s so soul-stirring and savage! Haha!
When Matthew saw Elizabeth changing the flat tire in the middle of the road in the video, his face darkened.
She’s not far from here. Why didn’t she ask me for help? What a stu pid woman.
Then, he
put on his coat before he walked toward the location where Elizabeth was changing
the flat tire.
Meanwhile, Elizabeth was exhausted from tightening the screws on the new tire. In fact, she
was tired of being poor and having to do all these by herself.
Suddenly, a huge hand landed on her shoulder and a deep voice sounded. “Step aside. Let
me do it.”
Elizabeth was pushed to the side before Matthew squatted down to tighten all the screws on
the new tire.
Since he was strong enough, he did everything swiftly.
Elizabeth applauded him at the side. “Mr. Hilton, that was amazing.”
Matthew threw all the tools into the trunk of the car as he glanced coldly at her. “Indeed, I’m
quite amazing.”
In fact, he was implying that he was amazing at something else, which he would prove to her
They got into the car. Looking at Matthew in the passenger’s seat, Elizabeth felt sorry for
His legs were too long to fit in the leg space. Also, his head had touched the roof of the car.
Hence, he could only hunch his back, his legs practically folded beneath the seat./
Elizabeth finally understood why there were different sizes of cars. A tall man like him can’t
drive such a small car.
She said smilingly, “Mr. Hilton, it must have been hard on you. I’ll make a good meal to reward you.”
Matthew raised an eyebrow as he complained, “I’m starving.”
Elizabeth knew that she was late, and it was all because of her trashy car. Thus, she slammed her foot on the gas pedal without hesitation.
Upon arriving at the mansion, she parked her car and quickly got out of the car, carrying her
groceries into the house.
Standing in front of the car, Matthew kicked the body of the car. Although he did not even
use much force, a dent still formed on the car’s surface.
He shook his head as he looked at it. This car really isn’t safe to drive.
The next moment, he called Esme, and the call immediately went through.
“Mr. Hilton.”
“Esme, go and buy a low profile, safe, and pretty car for me, one that is suitable for women
to drive.”
Esme was slightly stunned. “Mr. Hilton, you have so many different cars in your garage. Do
you still want to buy another one?”
He knew that most of Matthew’s cars were kept unused. Since he wants to gift one to his girlfriend, he could give her one of those cars, couldn’t he? Those cars are all so grand. Women
will definitely like them.
“Those cars are too conspicuous. I want one that’s more low key.”
She’s definitely unwilling to drive those luxurious cars. I’ve used uncommon means just to get her to come here to cook and clean the house for me.


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