Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 42

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 42

Chapter 42
She Is Adorable

Initially, Elizabeth did not want to put much effort into cooking.

However, she changed her mind after Matthew helped her fix the flat tire. He looked so

handsome when he was helping me. No one would have guessed that the head of the most

prominent family in Mistwood, the handsome, cool, and aloof man, Matthew Hilton, had just

changed a flat tire for me at the roadside.

Feeling flattered, she decided to make a nice meal for him.

Thus, Elizabeth had Cody in a video call as the latter taught her how to cook, step by step. In

the end, the meal took two hours to be prepared.

At half past nine, all the dishes were served.

The man, who was wearing a black bathrobe, threw the book in his hand aside before

approaching the dining table.

Elizabeth pulled out his chair obediently. “Mi. Hilton, please sit.”

Although she had spent quite a long time cooking, all the dishes that she prepared smelled

good. She knew that he would definitely enjoy them.

Matthew snorted and questioned, “Elizabeth, do you want me to starve to death?”

Elizabeth glanced at the time and was shocked.

Gosh! It’s nine thirty-five? No wonder I’m starving, too!

She quickly pushed all the dishes closer to him.

“M, Hilton, my car tire blew out today. It won’t happen again. I’ll make sure you get to eat on time from tomorrow onward,” she promised, her expression filled with sincerity.

Matthew was staring at her. She’s so adorable. How can she be so cute? I feel like pinching.

her cheeks now.

He could not stay mad at her for long after looking at her adorable face. Then, he picked up

a piece of pork ribs with his fork and ate it. This is delicious!

His expression finally turned better. He then pushed a car key across the table to her.

“I have a trashy car that I don’t want anymore, but it’s much better than yours. Drive this

from now on.”

Elizabeth took the car keys and noticed that it was for a Volvo.

Her eyes brightened as she stared at it. Is this a trashy car to him? What an absolute waste!

She smiled as she piled his plate with dishes. “Here, Mi. Hilton. You should eat more.”

While Matthew was eating elegantly, Elizabeth started digging in as well and ate double her

usual amount.

She figured she must have used up all her energy when she was changing the flat tire. Otherwise, why am I eating so much?

Matthew smirked as he looked at her eating joyfully. This woman is indeed born to be


After that, Elizabeth served him a bowl of mushroom soup. She suddenly recalled the matter

of the gas fees,


“Mr. Hilton, you’ve lent me the car, but if you don’t pay for the gas, I can’t afford to drive the

Her expression looked so sad that it was clear that she was trying to tell him how poor she was. I’m here to pay my debt. How am I going to pay for the gas as well? If I had such money, I wouldn’t still be working here to pay my debt.

Seeing her eyes darting here and there as she spoke, Matthew was holding back his laughter.

However, he would not fall into her trap.

However, he knew that she would not drive the car if he did not pay for the gas. I’d better accept her request for the sake of her safety.


“Sure. I’ll pay for the gas.”

Elizabeth jumped up in delight. “Yes! M. Hilton, you’re such a kind person.”

Matthew took several sips of the soup. He was busy eating, so he ignored how she was

boot-licking him.

After that, he stood up and ordered, “Clean up the kitchen. Don’t forget to clean up my

bedroom later as well.”

She cleaned the table happily while watching the man walk away.

Although she was not used to doing this type of work, it was definitely better than having Abby suffering here. She would just have to get used to doing the chores.

Just when Matthew arrived at the stairs, he heard the loud noise of plates and bowls


He dashed toward the kitchen in large strides. Is she hurt?

Yet, he saw her standing in a daze while staring at the broken pieces on the floor. However, she did not seem to be injured.

He said coldly, “I’ll add another two thousand to your debt.”


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