Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 44

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 44

Chapter 44 Unregistered Product

Elizabeth looked at him vigilantly, afraid that he would kiss her again. She stared at his bright

red lips with widened, ready to pierce him with the needle at any moment.


Matthew saw her staring at his lips, and he wondered if she was wanting the same thing as

He smirked and then lowered his head to kiss her. Ever since he first saw her, he had wanted

to taste her lips so bad, and now he was finally able to fulfill his wish.

Elizabeth was stunned for a moment. When she felt the warmth on her lips, she blinked. Why

is he kissing me again? Per vert!

Without any hesitation, she pressed her ring, and a thin and long needle appeared. She then

pierced it into his neck.

At that moment, Matthew was extremely engrossed in the kiss.

Suddenly, he felt a pain in his neck, and his body stiffened. He became paralyzed.

Elizabeth quickly retreated from his arms. She took several neckties to tie up his hands and

feet before giving him a kick.

“Let’s see how you’re going to bully me again. Didn’t your mother teach you not to bully


She was a mother as well, so she had taught her sons well.

Her sons were extremely obedient, and they would never bully girls.

Matthew could not even speak at first. After about two minutes, he blinked and saw that he

was tied up like an animal. His face turned terrifyingly dark.

What did she do to me? Did she just use an anesthetic on me?

Initially, he thought she was a fool and was incapable of protecting herself. He did not

expect her to pull such a smart move.

Matthew snorted. It’s good that she’s still capable of protecting herself, I guess.

“Elizabeth, let go of me.”

His deep and cold voice sounded. Elizabeth was so shocked that she shuddered unwittingly.

Whenever she did something bad, she would feel guilty. However, she knew that it was

self-defense this time. He bullied me first.

Then, she kicked him again. “Matthew I lilton, do you swear you would never bully me


Matthew narrowed his eyes as he looked at how determined she looked.

He frowned and asked, “Elizabeth, where did you buy this thing? – Why am I feeling so


When Elizabeth heard that, her eyes instantly widened.

I bought it in a small shop. I don’t think it even has any certificate of approval or anything

like that!

She was so frightened that she squatted down and reached out to pat his face.

“You’re uncomfortable? Where?”

She was feeling anxious because he looked like he was suffering.

In fact, Matthew was acting so well that he could win the best actor award.

“Y-You used an unregistered product on me? You’d have to be held responsible if I die.”

Elizabeth was scared out of her wits when she heard that.

“I’ll call the ambulance right now.”

Her hands were trembling, and she could not think straight. Anesthesia really shouldn’t be

used indiscriminately, or it might even endanger one’s lifel

She was frightened, as she did not want to commit a murder.

I can’t go to jail. If Matthew dies, his family will kill me.

Seeing how terrified she was, Matthew knew that it was time to stop scaring her.

“Elizabeth, let go of me. I can’t breathe.”

Elizabeth had not dialed the number yet because her hands were shaking too badly. Hearing

his words, she nodded.


She then dropped her phone and undid the ties on his hands and feet.

“How are you feeling now?”

Matthew took several heavy breaths as if he really could not breathe.

“Untie the strap of my robe. It feels so stuffy.”



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