Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 45

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 45

Chapter 45 Chelsea Arnold

Elizabeth wanted to pick up her phone but upon hearing his words, she could only untie his

bathrobe obediently. When the bathrobe fell open, it revealed his well-defined chest.

Elizabeth froze before quickly averting her gaze.

“How do you feel now?” she asked.

He really has a great body. His chest and abs look good. How I wish I could touch and feel

their hardness.

These thoughts made her blush.

Matthew watched her intently and was aware of every slight change in her expression.

“My chest feels stuffy. Help me rub it,” he suggested.

As he spoke, the corners of his lips lifted slightly, and he gazed at her with deep, dark eyes.

Elizabeth’s eyes

widened in surprise. She was just thinking of touching his chest a moment

ago, and he was now suggesting that she did it?

She tossed aside all thoughts and convinced herself that she was only helping him since he

was feeling unwell.

Her eyes twi nkled as she stared at the gap between the bathrobe unblinkingly.

Then she reached out eagerly.

So this is what actual muscles feel like. It’s not like how the novels describe them. They’re

not like rocks. They feel warm and are, in fact, quite nice to touch.

To conceal her thoughts, she asked, “Does it hurt here?”

He looked at her blushing face and thought she looked extremely adorable. And of course,

he knew what she was thinking.

As such, he replied calmly, “Move your hand a little lower.”

To Elizabeth, he was hurting at just the right spot, as she wanted to feel his abs as well.

Look at those amazing six packs! Ugh! I wonder when I could ever gain any ab muscles


As she cursed internally, Matthew seemed to misread her expression entirely. Huh! It looks

like this woman simply can’t resist a man’s charms!

Thus, he added, “Move your hand even lower.”

Elizabeth was stunned.

I’m already massaging his abs. It wouldn’t be appropriate if I moved my hand any lower.

However, the unregistered product I used on him might have caused his entire body to ache. It

would be better if he went to the hospital.

Just then, they heard a voice.

“Matt, are you in? I’ll be staying over at your place tonight!”

It was Matthew’s grandmother, Chelsea Arnold. However, she froze upon seeing the scene on

the floor.

“You guys continue. Just pretend that I did not come by.”

Chelsea closed her eyes and exited the walk-in closet with a slight blush on her cheeks.

She thought it was Tiana since Matthew had mentioned that he wanted to marry her recently.

Her eldest grandson had finally become enlightened and found himself a woman.

Elizabeth jumped upon hearing Chelsea’s voice.

“Ma’am! You came at just the right time. Matthew is not feeling well. Let’s send him to the


Upon hearing that her eldest grandson was not feeling well, Chelsea quickly turned around

and saw that it was Elizabeth.

“Oh, Lizzy! It’s you!”

theabeth covered her mouth in surprise. “Old Mis. Hilton, you’re Matthew’s grandmother?”

She had no idea Chelsea was Matthew’s grandmother. Now, it made sense why Chelsea was

so wealthy.

The two of them held each other’s hands and twirled in circles excitedly.

“It’s great that you and Matthew are together!”

Chelsea had planned to introduce Elizabeth to her eldest grandson and did not expect them

that they were already together.

Matthew looked at the two people who were busy hugging each other and had completely

forgotten about him.

He stood up abruptly and asked coldly, “You don’t care about the person who’s not feeling

well at all?”

Upon hearing that icy tone, Elizabeth quickly let go of Chelsea.

“Old Mis. Hilton. I’m only working for Matthew. It’s not what you think.”

I don’t even like men. I like women. There are too many sc’mbags out there.


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