Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 46

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 46

Chapter 46 Best Actor and Actress

Chelsea knew from a single glance that her eldest grandson was only pretending to be sick,

so she decided to help him.

“My dear grandson, where do you feel discomfort?”

Matthew was a smart guy. Of course, he knew Chelsea was trying to help him.

He could also see that Chelsea liked Elizabeth, which was a positive development.

With that, he immediately put on a painful expression and covered his chest with his hand.

“My chest hurts.”

Chelsea could not help but grin. Looks like he’s serious about this girl this time. It seems I

was right. Only a kind lady like Lizzy would capture his heart.

She quickly guided Elizabeth’s hand to help support Matthew.

“Lizzy, help him to his bed. I’ll go find out about his condition from a doctor.”

Upon saying this, she winked at Matthew, and he raised his eyebrows in response.

He leaned his entire body against Elizabeth and put his hand over her slender shoulders.

She gave off a sweet fragrance.

Elizabeth almost lost her balance, as he was half a head taller than her, and it was quite.

difficult for her to support him.

He continued to lean against her and mumbled, “It hurts…”

Those words pierced her heart whenever she heard them, as she thought it was all her fault.

Her face tightened and she supported him anxiously as they walked.

“Matthew, hang in there. Old Mis. Hilton will return soon after consulting the doctor,” she


she ended up falling onto his large bed with his body pressing down upon hers.

Elizabeth was out of breath and wanted to push him away.

However, he said, “Don’t move. Once you move, I’ll hurt and find it hard to breathe.”

Hearing that, she did not dare to move an inch and allowed the top half of his body to

continue pressing down upon hers. Because he was in so much pain, his grip around her body

had tightened as well, and she was wrapped tightly in his embrace.

Matthew thought it felt comfortable to go to sleep while hugging her. She’s so soft, and she

smells so good.

As such, he mumbled with eyes half-closed, “I’ll take a short nap. Wake me up when

Grandma is back.”

Elizabeth nodded but suddenly cried out, “No, you can’t sleep! What if you slept and never

woke up? I’ve seen the news about people who visited the dentist and died after getting ant

anesthetic. I can’t let you fall asleep.”

“Can we do something else then? Otherwise, it’s unbearable.”

Matthew’s warm breath tickled her face, and Elizabeth blinked.

Mmm, the peppermint scent coming from his body smells good.

“What can you do? You can’t even move.”

Matthew smirked mischievously upon hearing her question.

“Can I kiss you? I’ll forget all my pain if I could kiss you.”

It was the truth. A special feeling stirred in his heart whenever he kissed her. It was similar to

those dreams he had six years ago.

Elizabeth was shocked, and it took her a moment to recover.

She shook her head vigorously and rejected him, “No way. I don’t like it. I won’t go easy on

you if you try to kiss me by force again.”

This was her bottom line. If she was not willing to do it, he should not force her.

Matthew did not wish to overstep her boundaries. He was not in a rush, and there was plenty

of time.

“I was just joking. I’ll just take a short nap. I promise I’ll definitely wake up again.”

There’s no way I can just hold her and do nothing. I don’t have that kind of resolve. It’s safer

if I take a nap,

Elizabeth continued waiting for Chelsea, but the latter did not return. In the end, she, too,

fell asleep.

When Elizabeth woke up the next day, she felt refreshed. It was the best sleep had had in

years. She rubbed her eyes and stretched her arms to the side.

This feels great!

Suddenly, she heard a low grunt from the man beside her, and blood flowed out of his nose.

They both jolted upright.



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