Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 48

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 48

Chapter 48 She Saved Chelsea

Upon hearing that, Elizabeth was taken aback. I was just sleeping next to him. We weren’t

sleeping together in that sense of the word!

“Old Mrs. Hilton, we did nothing last night except for sleeping. I won’t ask for anything from

you,” said Elizabeth.

Now, she was afraid of even seeing Matthew. In no way did she want him to be responsible

for her.

She retracted her hands and added, “Old Mrs. Hilton, I need to go now. I still have three

hungry kids waiting for me at home. They must be crying for me.”

Feeling desperate to go home, Elizabeth was so nervous that she did not even know what she

was saying anymore.

I must leave before Matthew gets here. Otherwise, he would ask me to pay for another

medical bill again. Furthermore, I slept on top of his arms the whole night. His arms must be dead

by now. And what about his nosebleed? I can’t believe I just punched him! Ah! I better run for

my life now before he asks for money again.

With that in mind, Elizabeth sprinted away, leaving Chelsea in puzzlement.

“She has kids? That’s too bad,” Chelsea mumbled as she watched Elizabeth leaving.

Just then, Matthew came down the stairs. He was clad casually in a dark grey sweater and

trousers of the same color, and his hair, which was usually slicked back, was falling over his


Compared to his usual stoic appearance, Matthew appeared to be more approachable and

younger in that get-up.


Chelsea saw him and asked, “Matt, is Lizzy married?”

It’s wrong

if I’d had helped Matthew sleep with a married woman last night.

In truth, Matthew saw Elizabeth run away just now. He pursed his lips before putting his arm

around Chelsea’s shoulder.


“Grandma, she has three kids but no husband.”

After hearing his words, Chelsea appeared to be baffled. “Is he dead?”

A chill flashed across Matthew’s eyes as he answered, “Maybe.”

Chelsea nodded. “Do you really like her?”

She knew Elizabeth was a kind and righteous woman and believed women like her were

Matthew’s eyes darkened. “I don’t know.”

He said that because he was not sure about his feelings toward Elizabeth yet. However, he

simply felt an indescribable sense of familiarity between them and wanted badly to get close to


Matthew walked Chelsea to the dining hall. As soon as they sat down, the housekeeper

served the breakfast.

Chelsea snuck a glance at Matthew during the meal. Judging from his countenance, she

believed her grandson had fallen in love.

Eating the oatmeal ponidge, she asked, “Matt, do you still remember when I asked you to

acquire that investment company? Back then, I and a few friends of mine nearly fell for their

scam. The company claimed that the money we invested could help the poor children who lived

around the mountains. We bought their words.”

Matthew was curious about how Elizabeth met his grandmother.

Therefore, he kept his ears open as he ate his breakfast.

“Well, guess what happened next, Matt?”

Matthew smirked. “I’ve looked into that company. It turns out that their registered capital

was only one million, and their business was not legitimate either. Did they try to swindle you?”


Chelsea smiled. “You’re right. They were a bunch of scammers. Lizzy happened to work for

them and saw our group of old ladies that day. She secretly told us not to invest our money in the

scam and asked us to leave.”

Hearing Chelsea’s story, Matthew could not help but smile. I knew it. That sounds like


“So, you asked me to acquire that company just to protect her?” asked Matthew.


Chelsea answered, “Of course. That girl was kind enough to save us. What a shame it would

be if those people in that corrupt company bullied her.”


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