Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 49

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 49

Chapter 49 Goal

Matthew gave her a slight nod. “Don’t worry. They didn’t bully her and only caused her to

lose her job.”

After running an investigation, he discovered Elizabeth was currently submitting resumes to

land herself a job.

Chelsea sighed. “Indeed, they had bullied her, Matt, do protect Lizzy so that no one can

bully her.”

Matthew said nothing. No one but me can bully her from now on.

Right then, the housekeeper came in. “Mr. Hilton, Ms. Wade is here.”

Hearing that, both of them thought that Elizabeth had returned. Did she forget something?

Matthew soon realized who she meant and asked, “Do you mean Tiana Wade?”

The housekeeper gave a nod. “Yes, it’s the eldest daughter of the Wade family.”

“Invite her in, then,” Chelsea stated.

Shortly after, Tiana walked into the dining room and flashed a pleasant smile.

“Matthew, my dad bought some fruits back from his overseas trip. I brought some for you,”

she offered.

After she said that, her bodyguards carried a few boxes full of fruits, into the dining room.

They were all tropical fruits such as durians, mangoes, and pineapples.

Chelsea had a sudden thought. Lizzy has the same family name as Tiana. It would be perfect

if Lizzy’s from this Wade family. That way, Hector’s wish would come true. I truly sympathize

with poor Matt. Hector was ill for six years, and the first thing he did after regaining

consciousness was to ask Matt to many this woman. Matt is filial enough to listen to his

grandfather’s arrangements.

“Ms. Wade, have a seat. Let’s have breakfast together.”



Tiana already had breakfast before coming here, but she didn’t want to reject Chelsea’s kind


“Thank you, Old Mrs. Hilton.”

After she took a seat, the housekeeper served her breakfast a bowl of oatmeal porridge, a

sunny side

up, and some toppings. It seemed simple but delicate.

Tiana settled down and ate the oatmeal porridge slowly.

Chelsea noticed her grandson’s expression had darkened after Tiana’s arrival. He also didn’t

bother talking to any of them.

This young lady isn’t his type. Alas, the woman he likes has children. That’s really

conflicting. It would be perfect if Lizzy is childless. I’m certain I can convince Hector to change

his mind.

With that thought in mind, Chelsea decided not to interfere in their relationship and let

Matthew decide for himself.

As no one spoke, Tiana turned to look at Matthew. The man was dressed casually, unlike his

usual aloof self who was always clad in an immaculate suit.

Oh, what a handsome man! I love him. I really do.

Matthew placed his cutleries down. “I’m done. Enjoy your meal.”

Standing up, he made to leave. Tiana gazed at him adoringly, for she didn’t want him to

leave that soon.

Chelsea asked, “Matt, where are you going?”

It was the weekend, and Matthew was dressed casually. It didn’t seem like he was going to


“I’m meeting my friend to play golf,” came Matthew’s answer.

He then strode upstairs. Chelsea glanced at Tiana, whose face had fallen. She must be

disappointed, huh?


Chelsea’s lips curved into a grin as she asked, “Ms. Wade, don’t you have anything on during

the weekend?”

Hearing that, Tiana answered promptly, “Just call me Tia. I’m free today, so I can keep you


She initially planned to use the fruits as an excuse to get closer to Matthew, but he remained

aloof as usual. Thus, she changed her mind and decided to butter up to Chelsea. That way, she

might get to get closer to Matthew.



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