Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 5

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 5

Triplets’ Attack: Game Over Daddy
Chapter 5 Return His Coat

A few days later, in the CEO’s office at Hilton Group, Matthew was sitting behind his wide office desk with his head lowered as he signed some documents.

His assistant, Esme Mack, walked in and stood in front of his desk before reporting work to him.

“Mr. Hilton, I’ve obtained information about the daughter of the Wade family. Her name is Tiana Wade. She’s 24 years old and the only child of Richard Wade.”

It was only then that Matthew slowly lifted his head. “Have you set up a meeting with her for me? We’ll have dinner together tonight.”

Hector had slipped into a coma again after regaining consciousness for a brief moment, and it would be difficult for him to wake up again in the future.

Since his wish was to get Matthew to wed the daughter of the Wade family, the latter would naturally fulfill it.

Esme replied, “I’ve arranged the meeting at half-past six in the evening at a private restaurant. Should I book the entire place, Mr. Hilton?”

After all, the person Mr. Hilton is meeting is his future wife. Hence, we must give her a grand treatment so that she’ll be smitten with him. Although Mr. Hilton doesn’t care about these things, I should help him plan it thoroughly as his subordinate.

“There’s no need for that.”

Esme smiled upon hearing that. “Understood, Mr. Hilton.”

I don’t believe that Mr. Hilton likes men at all. But for some reason, the news made it seem so believable that even Hector kept worrying about his sexual orientation. How nice would it be if Hector was awake now? He’ll be able to watch as Mr. Hilton goes to meet his future wife.

After taking Abby’s temperature, Elizabeth confirmed that the girl’s fever had completely subsided.

Abby hugged her doll close to her chest. Her face was thinner than before, giving Elizabeth the impression that her daughter had shrunk in size.

“I’m well now and don’t have to eat the bitter medicine anymore, right, Mommy?” she whined.

Elizabeth smiled as she reached out to caress Abby’s curly locks.

“Yes, you’ve recovered now. Remember not to eat too many sweets in the future. Otherwise, you’ll get sick again.”

The little girl was around two pounds lighter than her brothers when she was born, weighing only around four pounds.

Raising her was tough, as she could only fall asleep while being carried since she was a baby and would cry as soon as she was put down.

It was also easy for Abby to get sick, so it was not the first time Elizabeth rushed to the hospital bare-footed with the little girl in her arms, each time frightening Elizabeth out of her wits.

Even though both her sons had gone to school, the little girl was still at home, so Elizabeth could not attend job interviews for the time being. However, at the thought that she had spent more than twenty thousand on medical fees this time, and there was not much money left on her card, she knew that she had to think of a way to earn money.

In actuality, there was still half a million on the card, but she refused to touch it, as she did not know who had sent her the money. She subconsciously concluded that it must have been her grandfather who had sent it to her.

In the past, she knew that she was hopeless and had embarrassed her grandfather, so she could not bring herself to go home to see him, much less use his money.

Elizabeth went to the balcony to take the laundry in and spotted the expensive coat as she was hanging the clothes in the wardrobe. She had sent it for dry cleaning a few days ago and was planning to return it to him on this day.

Upon finding out the phone number of Matthew’s assistant, she gave him a call which got through quickly.

“Are you Mr. Mack?” she inquired.

Esme answered, “Yes, I am. May I know who this is?”

“My name is Elizabeth Wade. Previously, Mr. Hilton lent me a coat, so I wish to return it to him. Is he free today?”

The assistant glanced at the man in the private room before sending her the address.

“Come to this place. Mr. Hilton is having his meal here.”

Esme did not think much about it. Anyway, there has never been a woman by Mr. Hilton’s side, so maybe the caller is his friend.

After hanging up, Elizabeth said to Abby, “Accompany me to a place. Let’s have dinner there, okay?”



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