Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 50

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 50

Chapter 50

Controlling Little Girl
Chelsea nearly spat out the mouthful of oatmeal porridge she had just swallowed. That
wasn’t what I meant! I was hinting that she should leave if she is busy. I can’t believe the young
lady misinterpret my words. She seems to possess a low EQ.
Tiana glanced at her watch. “Old Mrs. Hilton, should we go shopping later?”
She assumed that all women adored shopping, including elderly women like Chelsea.
As she seemed enthusiastic, Chelsea didn’t reject her offer.
Since my eldest grandson left her with me, I should distract her accordingly.


Meanwhile, Elizabeth drove her new car back excitedly. It was fast, powerful, and boasted
an automatic transmission. There was nothing to complain about it.
The car was red, but she loved it. After all, she got it for free.
I don’t get it. Why did Matthew say there was something wrong with this car? He’s too
After arriving at her house, she parked the car carefully. When she got out of her car, her
neighbor’s son, Josh, was basking in the sunlight outside his house.
He was chomping down on some peanuts when he saw Elizabeth alighting from the car. At
once, he got to his feet and checked the car out.
“Lizzy, did you get a new car?”
Elizabeth was on good terms with her neighbors. They knew each other well and would often
help each other out.
“No, my old car broke down, so my friend lent me a car he doesn’t use.”
Josh frowned. “Your friend must be rich, right? Is it Mr. Campbell?”





For the past two years, Dominic had often showed up here. Elizabeth’s neighbors knew he
was pursuing het. Despite pitying her for having to bring the kids up alone, they assumed she was
extremely lucky to have a suitor.
The Campbell family was an influential family in Mistwood. Elizabeth would become a rich
man’s wife if she were to many into the Campbell family.
Elizabeth shook her head. “No. It’s another friend.”
After his initial curiosity, Josh returned to his chair and continued snacking on peanuts while
enjoying the warm sunlight.
Before Elizabeth entered her house, she turned her head around and glanced at Josh. Having
a change of mind, she then marched toward him.
“Josh, remember the loan you mentioned before, the one you said I could receive within at
day? Is it legit?” she asked.
As she seemed interested, Josh swallowed the peanut in his mouth and responded, “Lizzy,
we’ve been neighbors for two to three years, haven’t we? Do I look like a bad person who would





swindle your money?”
Elizabeth pondered over his words. Josh wasn’t a bad person despite idling around all day.
When she needed help, he would definitely do his best to help her.
He wouldn’t trick me.
Elizabeth glanced around and confirmed no one was around before whispering, “I’d like to
borrow five hundred thousand. How many days will it take for me to get the money?”
As Josh told her the loan was interest-free save for the ten percent processing fee, she was
Interested in it.
“Lizzy, if you need it today, you’ll receive the money in your account by tonight,” came




Josh’s answer.
If Lizzy borrows five hundred thousand, I’ll get fifteen thousand in commission. I’ve never
had a proper job, and yet, I’m about to earn so much money in a month!
At the thought of getting that much money, he urged, “Lizzy, if you want to get that loan,
you’ll have to hurry. I can’t help you if my relative lends it to someone else.”
Hearing that, Elizabeth was afraid someone else might beat her to it. She stated firmly, “I’ll
have it. Please inform him on my behalf. I’ll get the procedures done tomorrow.”
After their conversation ended, Elizabeth heaved a sigh of relief.




The most important thing right now was to treat Pearl’s condition. She was prepared to
her ring. It was worth over two million, so asking a mere five hundred thousand for it would be a
huge loss.
When Elizabeth stepped into the yard, the triplets were playing together.
The boys were doing their homework, and the little girl was having fun with a ski p ping rope.
After seeing her, Abby ran over and demanded, “Elizabeth Wade, where have you been last
night? Be honest with me!”


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