Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 51

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 51

Chapter 51 The Encounter

The sight of the little girl with her hands on her hips made Elizabeth chuckle in delight. Oh,

how adorable.

Caressing Abby’s face, she explained with a grin, “My car broke down, so I couldn’t come

home and spent the night in a friend’s house instead.”

She had already explained everything on the phone, and her sons didn’t question her further.

Clearly, her daughter was getting smarter by the day.

The man who’s going to marry Abby in the future will have a hard time, huh?

Abby pouted. “Is your friend a man or a woman?”

My brothers said girls can’t sleep with boys. I won’t forget that, so I need to let Mommy

know that, too.

Elizabeth thought about it and replied, “A woman. She’s a pretty old lady. Are you happy


After learning that Elizabeth had spent the night with an old lady, Abby pondered briefly

before saying, “All right, then. Next time, remember to come home on time!”

It was clear that Abby had accepted her answer. Elizabeth might have omitted some details,

but she didn’t lie about Chelsea.

Back in her room, Elizabeth took a shower and changed into casual clothes. Finally, she felt

more comfortable,

As she didn’t get to shower yesterday, her body felt really grimy.

Elizabeth pulled her phone out to check her inbox. She wanted to see if any companies had

emailed her to inform her to attend interviews.

I sent countless emails, but there’s only one reply asking me to attend an interview! That’s disappointing. The employer is a veterinary hospital, but I don’t know anything about veterinary


She decided to ignore the email and wait patiently until next week to see if there would be

more replies.

Abby padded into her room and leaned into her embrace.

“Lizzy, let’s go to Doll World!” she stated earnestly.

Her eyes were shining in anticipation. Despite being short on money lately, Elizabeth didn’t

want to disappoint her daughter. Besides, they had gotten an annual pass a while ago. Hence,

Abby could head there anytime she wanted this year.

“Sure!” Elizabeth agreed.

She patted Abby’s cheek again before heading to her closet to get a new change of outfit.

“I’ll come downstairs after changing my clothes. Let the boys know that we’re heading out



With that, Abby dashed out of the room.

“Arthur, Antony! We’re going out to have fun. Get ready!”

Elizabeth couldn’t help but chuckle upon hearing Abby’s cheerful voice.

Children were easily satisfied, so even something small could bring them delight. She hoped

that her kids could grow up in a happy environment.

Cody remained at home, while Elizabeth brought the kids to Codton Mall. Back when

Elizabeth was still close with the Wade family, she was a frequent customer of this shopping


In the car, Arthur asked calmly, “Who lent this car to you?”

Mom should get a new car. Her old car was old and dangerous. Besides, she’s not a good

driver. It worries me.

Elizabeth blinked twice, but she dared not spill the truth.


“Remember the pretty old lady I told you guys about? It was her who lent me the car.”

Abby nodded. “Oh, she’s a kind lady. Next time, you should invite her to a meal at our


To Abby, friends should meet up frequently and treat each others to meals. Besides, she loved

this car and was utterly impressed by how beautiful it was.

Elizabeth responded, “Okay.”

After arriving at Codton Mall, the family of four headed to the playground on the third floor.

Elizabeth left them there and reminded Antony and Arthur to take care of their little sister.

She then headed to the pawnshop upstairs to ask how much her ring was worth.

If she could pawn it for five hundred thousand, there was no need for her to borrow money

from Josh’s relative.

Meanwhile, Chelsea and Tiana had just arrived at the mall. They were taking the escalator

when Chelsea spotted the playground. At once, her interest was piqued, and she peered into the

playground curiously.

At her age, Chelsea loved children and wanted a great-grandchild for herself. Alas, Matthew

remained single and showed no signs of getting married anytime. Thus, she could only think.

about it.

Suddenly, her eyes lit up. Why are there two identical little boys who look exactly like Matt

when he was young?


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