Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 53

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 53

Chapter 53 She Can Only Cook For Me
Elizabeth limped out of the security room.
Ugh, I’m so unlucky recently. I can’t believe someone robbed me in the mall! That’s really
She then took the elevator back to the playground on the third floor. Abby was drenched in sweat after playing hard, and Antony was wiping her sweat off. Arthur got his sister a cup of
water and was telling her to finish it.
At the sight of Elizabeth, the kids waited in their spots obediently.
The boys soon realized she was limping and dashed forward to help her.
“Mommy, did you sprain your ankle?”
Elizabeth forced out a smile when she heard the concern in their voices.
“The floor was too slippery, so I slipped and sprained my ankle,” she explained.
She didn’t reveal the truth to the kids so that they wouldn’t get upset like her.
Hearing that, Abby got Elizabeth’s tumbler and said, “Lizzy, have some water.”
Elizabeth took the tumbler from Abby and took a few sips of water as her heart warmed up.
Finally, she felt much better.
Beaming, she told the kids, “Go have some fun. I’ll wait for you here.”
Delighted, Abby dragged her brothers into the playground and continued playing.
Resting her chin in her palm, Elizabeth stared ahead listlessly. Perhaps the ring isn’t fated to
be mine. I might not find that sc um, ever. It was fate that led me to lose the ring.
At a golf course in the suburbs, the weather was great. The sky was blue without. any clouds
in sight. It was wintertime, but the sunlight was warm and cozy.
Holding his golf club, Nicolas posed in a handsome manner before swinging the club out.
The ball flew through the air, but it didn’t enter the cup.
Leonard Johnson, who was standing aside, chortled joyfully. “Kev, we haven’t met for some
time, but your skills are still as bad as ever.”
Matthew swung his golf club, and the ball entered the cup seamlessly.
Nicolas responded, “Ugh, I give up. I’m no match for you.”
Leonard was a major general in the military, so they rarely get to meet up with him. He had
returned this time because his grandfather forced him to attend blind dates. As he was no longer
young, it was time for him to get married and have children.
The three of them went to the marble table to rest for a short while and drink some water.
Nicolas was clad in a white tracksuit and white cap. He reached out to pull his cap down to
cover his eyes.
His friends sitting across from him looked classy in their black tracksuits.
Leonard’ skin was more tanned than his friends.
Matthew was fairer than him, but he had a healthy complexion instead of being deathly
Glancing at his watch, he realized it was about four in the afternoon. Thus, he whipped his
phone out to type a text to Elizabeth.
Matthew: I want fondue for dinner.
After the text was sent, he held his phone and waited for her reply.)
As he kept glancing at his phone, the other two men grew increasingly annoyed.
Leonard inquired, “Matt, do you really have a girlfriend?”
After Leonard returned last night, Nicolas met up with him to have dinner together. Leonard
had also asked Matthew out, but the latter claimed to be busy and didn’t join them for dinner.
Nicolas kept telling him that Matthew couldn’t make it because he had to keep his girlfriend
Leonard didn’t trust Nico las ‘s words. Nicolas might be a good doctor, but he wasn’t a
trustable person.
Matthew got to his feet. “I’ll go shower and get changed now.”
Clearly, he didn’t want to continue the conversation. Leonard was disappointed to hear that.
He glanced at Nicolas, and both men stood up. They flung their arms around Matthew and
sandwiched him.
“Matt, let’s have dinner at your house. It’s been a while since we’ve drank together.”
Under their expectant gazes, Matthew answered, “Sure.”
He strode forward and made sure he was out of their reach before sending another text to
Matthew: You don’t have to come tonight. It’s your day off!


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