Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 54

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 54

Chapter 54 Best Friend

Elizabeth had just an ived home with the kids when she saw his text. Before she could reply.

and ask him what fondue he wanted, another text arrived.

After deleting the words she typed earlier, she replied: You’ll still pay me even if I don’t work

today, right?

That was her primary concern. As she owed him a lot of money, she didn’t want to take any

days off.

At the thought of the theft today, which caused her to lose the money for Pearl’s surgery, she

felt sadness gripping her throat. Thus, she wanted to work hard to punish herself.

Elizabeth vowed to work hard to repay her debts and earn the money to pay

surgery together with Jessica.

for Pearl’s

After coming out of the shower, Matthew dried his hair with a towel before glancing at his


He replied: Of course.

Less than a second later, he received Elizabeth’s reply: Mr. Hilton, you’re amazing! Muacks!

At the thought of not having to work on Sundays, Elizabeth felt rather satisfied. Matthew’s a

great employer, huh?

However, Matthew’s brows snapped together when he saw “muacks” in her reply.

D*mn it, she’s seducing me over a text!

After dinner, Elizabeth headed to the hospital with a lunchbox. Jessica was eating when she

entered the ward.

The meal was from the hospital’s cafeteria. As Jessica seemed to have no appetite, the food

was obviously not delicious.

Pearl spotted Elizabeth and flashed a smile. “Ms. Lizzy!”

Hearing her daughter’s weak greeting, Jessica turned at her shoulder. “Lizzy? Why are you

here again?’

At the sight of Jessica’s reddened eyes, Elizabeth knew she had been worried about

the money to pay for Pearl’s surgery.

She took a seat beside Jessica and offered the lunchbox to her.

“Ms. Elliott prepared your favorite food for you.”


Elizabeth then opened another lunchbox prepared for Pearl and started feeding the latter.

Pearl was in good spirits today, so she grinned and said, “Ms. Lizzy, I can eat by myself.”

The little girl was so skinny she was practically skin and bones. It was a heartbreaking sight.

Elizabeth helped her place the lunchbox on the table so she could help herself to the food.

Jessica sat at another table and enjoyed her dinner. Cody’s cooking suited her tastebuds.

“Ms. Elliott can cook well. This is great!” she praised.

Jessica had enough of takeout food. She was about to puke at the sight of them.

Elizabeth sat at the edge of the bed and revealed, “Jess, I was initially planning to pawn my

ring to pay for Pearl’s medical bill. However, the ring got stolen today.”

Jessica’s eyes widened in shock. “Your ring got stolen in broad daylight? Thieves are getting

outrageous nowadays!”

Her gaze

darkened as she said apologetically, “Lizzy, it was all my fault. I’ll get you a new

ring when I get extra money in the future.”

Elizabeth told no one about the origin of the ring.

After all, it was a ridiculous affair. She had no idea if it was a dream or reality. However, as

she had given birth to the triplets, she knew the night had happened for real.


Nevertheless, she couldn’t bring herself to spill the truth.

“Jess, my neighbor is willing to lend us five hundred thousand. I’ll get the money to treat

Pearl’s condition. We can pay the money back slowly.”

Tears welled up in Jessica’s eyes.

“Lizzy, I’m trying to sell my house. I can pay the money back after selling it. Thanks for

helping me out.”

Jessica had gone to everyone she knew to ask for help. Alas, no one agreed to lend her

money. After going on her knees before her relatives, she was disappointed to realize that none o

them paid her any heed.

Perhaps they think of Pearl as a bottomless pit. I don’t have any savings, so they dare not

lend me any money.



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