Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 55

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 55

Chapter 55 A Disloyal Friend

Elizabeth nodded. “Then, I’ll have the money ready by tomorrow. Please hurry up and

operate on Pearl as soon as possible.”

Jessica felt an oppressive weight lift off her shoulders. Suddenly feeling hungry, she dug into

her dinner.

Elizabeth glimpsed at Pearl, who didn’t have much appetite. After eating only a few

mouthfuls, Pearl pushed the bowl away and returned to the bed to play with her Barbie doll.

The Barbie doll was a gift from Abby. Both girls shared a mutual love for it.

Therefore, when Abby went shopping for dolls, she made sure to get one for Pearl.

Elizabeth watched as Pearl played merrily. Perhaps, this was the only time that thoughts of

her illness did not plague the girl’s mind.

Elizabeth stayed until the mother-daughter duo finished their dinner. By then, the nurse had

arrived, and it was time for Jessica to leave for her shift in Night City.

Hence, both of them left the hospital together. Elizabeth then saw Jessica off at the entrance

to Night City.

Before Jessica stepped out of the car, the former asked, “Jessica, do you think I could come

back to dance again?”

She had felt pretty good about her performance here that night, and it seemed like everyone

missed her.

Although she did not like the place much, she was willing to continue dancing here for

survival’s sake.

Jessica fell silent for some time. When she turned to look at Elizabeth, there was a somber

expression on her face.

“Lizzy, since you’ve already left, don’t come back anymore. This place is too chaotic. Now

that you’re out, then stay away.”

Elizabeth nodded faintly. “Mm, I won’t come back anymore, then. Promise me you’ll get a

new job too after Pearl recovers.”

Jessica chuckled “All right. When that day comes, we’ll be able to eat, drink, and have funt

together again.”

Elizabeth watched as Jessica entered Night City before driving off.

When her phone rang, she picked it up and answered the call without checking who the

caller was, “Hello?”

“Elizabeth, I need you to come and get me at Platinum Plate.”

It was Matthew, whose voice slu ted as if he was drunk.

“Mr. Hilton, isn’t it my day off today?”

“I’ll triple your pay.”

“All right. Wait for me. I’ll be there shortly.”

Elizabeth was currently close to Platinum Plate. After hanging up the phone, she made an

emergency U-tuin, earning a tirade of abuse from the driver behind her.

“Where the f*ck did you learn to drive?”

Nonetheless, the woman paid no mind to the insults. Her heart soared. Getting triple pay was

just what she needed!

Overjoyed, she practically sang the entire journey. “The little, wild horse and the thorny.


Ten minutes later, Elizabeth arrived at the destination.

She parked her car at the entrance of Platinum Plate before calling Matthew.

“I’m here, M. Hilton. You can come out now!”

Hearing the joyful lilt in her voice, Matthew couldn’t help but smirk. His eyes lit

amusement. “Why, aren’t you fast?”

up with

This is the power of triple pay, huh? It only took her ten minutes to get here. I have to admit,

I’m impressed.

He took a swig of beer and got up from the table as his two companions stared at him in


“Enjoy yourselves, guys. I’m heading off. I think I’m drunk.”

Seriously? He claimed to have gastric pain after taking a sip, which was why we didn’t give

him a hard time. Now, he’s saying that he’s drunk?

Nicolas scolded, “Matthew Hilton! So this is how it is, eh? You forget all about us as soon as

you get a woman.”

Unfazed, Matthew smiled coldly. “You’re right. A woman’s here to get me. Since you two

have no women to fetch you, continue enjoying yourselves.”

Leonard and Nicolas were dumbfounded. Is he flaunting right now?

The two of them exchanged a glance and got up from the table as well.

“Guess what? We’re both too drunk to drive. You don’t mind giving us a lift in your car, do


Then, ignoring a certain someone’s stern glare, the duo exited the room.

Holding on to Leonard, Nicolas pulled open the back door of the Volvo at the entrance. After

getting in, he said, “Hi, Ms. Wade. We meet again.”

Elizabeth turned around to look at the two. They reek of alcohol! However, these two are

truly so good-looking that it’s hard to look away!

“Hello!” But, have seen them before?


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