Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 56

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 56

Chapter 56 Like A Ghost

Elizabeth puzzled over who these two men were,

Right then, a familiar tall figure opened the passenger door and slid into the front seat. He

scowled at the two men in the back.

Those two weren’t fooling anyone with their horrible acting. Besides, Matthew knew that

their driver was waiting for them in a luxury car. There was no reason for them to squeeze into

this run-down vehicle.

Nicolas chuckled. “Matt, be a pal and drop us off, will you? Otherwise, we can just crash at

your place. After all, Luke’s finally back for once.”

“Are they friends of yours?” Elizabeth asked.

Before Matthew could get a word in, Nicolas introduced, “Lizzy, I’m Nicolas Ferguson. You

can call me Kev. This is Leonard Johnson. We’re both Matt’s pals.”

Elizabeth turned around and smiled at them. “Nice to meet you two.”

This Nicolas’s personality is genuinely great! It’s evident that he’s someone who’s easy to get

along with. That Mr. Johnson looks friendly and easy-going as well, unlike this Mr. Hilton. He’s

so difficult to talk to. Just look at his foul expression! He’s making it look as if I owe him money!

At the thought of that, she giggled. To be fair, she really did owe him money.

Still, would it kill him to be friendly? If it weren’t for the triple pay, I wouldn’t even be here.

He could drink himself to death, for all I care.

Matthew growled, “Get going!”

Elizabeth then drove out of the parking lot into the main street.

Three luxury cars followed close behind. Looking into the rearview mirror, she spotted a

Bentley, a Maserati, and a bulletproof SUV.

The four cars drove slowly in single file, looking exceedingly conspicuous on the road.

Elizabeth wasn’t great at driving at night. She had planned to rush through the first fraffic

light. However, the light turned yellow, and she lost her nerve. In a panic, she hurriedly stomped

on the brake.

The car then screeched to an abrupt halt.

Both Nicolas and Leonard slammed into the back of the front seats. Fortunately, Matthew had his seatbelt on. Otherwise, he reckoned he would’ve soared through the windshield.

Elizabeth was unbothered as long as the car had stopped. After all, she would’ve been fined if she were caught running through the red light.

This car belonged to Matthew, and she knew how petty he was. He would’ve ceitainly insisted she paid her own fines.

Luckily, I was quick-witted, or I would’ve been short of one hundred and fifty!

Meanwhile, Nicolas massaged his aching head, feeling slightly dizzy and nauseous.

Leonard, on the other hand, was fine. When he was in the army, he had driven through all sorts of terrible terrain. For him, this was merely a tiny bump.

He commented smilingly, “You’ve got some skills, Ms. Wade.”

His admiration was genuine. Not many people could’ve pulled off hei little stunt, Matt sure

has some bizane tastes in women.

Elizabeth stuck out her tongue. In fact, she didn’t like braking abruptly either.

There were several times when she had to do so while driving her three children, and her heart would leap as they jumped in the backseat. Abby would then scold her and tell her to slow


In the meantime, her two sons would reassure her by saying, “Don’t worry. We’re fine.”

As expected, her sons were more considerate than her daughter.

Matthew chuckled. “Are you sure the two of you don’t want to get off at the next stop?”

He was elated at this opportunity to scare the two of them off. Have they no shame? How

dare they get in the car with me? Serves them right.

When the light tuned green, Elizabeth made sure to drive slowly, and they arrived at Jupiter Mansion’s entrance without any further incident.

When she brought the car to a halt, she turned to Matthew and said, “Mr. Hilton, I won’t send you in. I have to make a huge detou if I were to, and it’s getting late. I hope you


She hoped she had made her position clear. Even if Matthew wanted her to send him in, his two friends were still around, which meant he wouldn’t be able to do anything either.

He stared at her coolly. “The door.”

Elizabeth rolled her eyes. He was really treating her like his driver.

Nonetheless, she got out of the vehicle and opened the passenger seat’s door. Then, she turned to look at the backseat. To her surprise, Matthew’s two friends had disappeared.



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