Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 58

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 58

Matthew quickly covered his nose with his hand and stood back up.

“All right, let’s head inside to get you clean.” He gestured for them to move,

Their stench was unbearable. Had it not been for the sake of friendship, there was no way he

would allow them to contaminate his residence.

The trio walked toward the mansion. The more Leonard thought about it, the more he found

it hilarious.

“F*ck. I’ve just come back, and you guys gave me such a lovely greeting. I’m never going to

forget this night.” He chuckled.

Nicolas chastised, “Dear Lizzy, we were just playing the third wheel for once. Is it necessary

to get us into this state?”

As they chatted, they could not stop themselves from laughing.

Matthew, however, was a mile away from them, for they were too stinky.

“Blame yourselves for being unlucky. It’s not her fault,” he commented.

If you two ever disturb my time with her again, you’ll get more than a pile of poop!

He had just gotten to know Elizabeth and planned to ease their tense relationship by having

her give him a ride. Now that they had given her such a scare, he would need to visit her and

soothe her tomorrow.

Once they entered the mansion, Matthew stopped them before picking up the garden hose to

hose the duo down.

Immediately, the two yelled out loud. It was winter, and the temperature was approximately

zero degrees, yet Matthew was still spraying them with cold water. Is he trying to kill us?

Nicolas was so cold that he could barely form words. “Matthew Hilton, if we end up sick,

you better ask Lizzy to make us a meal as compensation,” he said with his teeth chattering.

As soon as Matthew heard that, he immediately sprayed the man harshly again.



dreams! Only I can eat the food she cooks. Both of you will never have the chance.

Concurrently, Elizabeth finally arrived home. Once she got out of the car, she sniffed her

clothes to check if she smelled.

In case she did, she remained standing outside to air herself off. However, it was too cold, so

she started shivering as well.


Josh had just returned when he saw her fidgeting about in the cold. Hence, he walked up to

“I’ve settled the money, Lizzy. It should be transferred by tomorrow,” he informed.

Seeing who it was, Elizabeth smiled and replied, “Thanks, Josh.”

The money will be in by tomorrow, and we can pay for Pearl’s medical fees to begin her

surgery. How great! Pearl’s finally going to get better, while Jessica will soon be able to live at happy life. We can always repurchase a house in the future. As long as Jessica sells her house,

she’ll be able to pay up the money. It’s the best of both worlds.

Josh and Elizabeth chatted for a while before parting ways.

When she entered the door, Cody was still waiting for her.

“You’re back, Lizzy.”

“You’re still awake, Ms. Elliott?” Elizabeth replied in surprise.

Cody pointed at the kitchen. “I prepared some mulled wine for you. Let me get you some

before you go to sleep.”

Elizabeth nodded. “I’ll go and take a quick shower.”

She felt that her clothes must have been tainted by the stench. Hence, she wouldn’t be able

to stomach anything without a shower.

After twenty minutes, she came back downstairs and sat before the coffee table in the living

room. The mulled wine was at the perfect temperature.

Cody sat next to her and watched her drink it.

“Lizzy, when do you plan to let us meet your boyfriend?”

When Elizabeth fell sick that day, it was her boyfriend who took care of her. In fact, he took

care of her pretty well.

Moreover, the neighbors had claimed that the car that was parked outside was expensive.

Cody felt that it would be great if Elizabeth could marry a rich man and live a good life.

Upon hearing that, Elizabeth nearly choked on her drink. She paused to calm herself down.

“Where did you hear that from, Ms. Elliott? There’s no such thing,” she denied.

Elizabeth had no intention of dating at all. After all, she did not want to associate herself with the opposite gender.


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