Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 59

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 59

Chapter 59 Abnormal

Cody smiled and said, “Don’t hide it from me. The last time you were sick, his car was right

outside. Moreover, he had bodyguards following him.”

I saw it with my own eyes! How could I be wrong?

Elizabeth heaved a sigh. No wonder I didn’t see her that day. So this is the reason why. She

had given that fellow all the space, causing me to owe such a massive debt.

“No, Ms. Elliott. He’s not.”

After her voice fell, she turned to savor her drink in silence.

Sensing Elizabeth was unhappy, Cody did not probe further.

“I’ll go to bed now. Rest early.”

“Good night,” said Elizabeth.

While she enjoyed her drink alone, her phone on the table rang. Seeing that it was Matthew

calling, she answered the call.

“Are Mr. Ferguson and Mr. Johnson okay, Mi. Hilton?”

Matthew had already taken a bath. He believed that Nicolas and Leonard, staying in the guest rooms, would likely clean themselves several times. Nicolas, in particular, would most

probably bathe for an entire night.

He smiled. “They’re fine. Don’t worry. You’re asleep?”

Her voice was not clear as she was busy drinking.

“Oh! Not yet. Ms. Elliott made me mulled wine. I’m drinking it right now.”

Hearing this, Matthew wanted to taste it as well.

“Do you want me to double your wage, Elizabeth?”

The woman’s eyes lit with excitement when she heard his words. Then, she lowered her cup

and said, “Of course! Who wouldn’t want extra money? I’m not a fool!”

Matthew knew that his offer had piqued her interest. He could even picture her eyes

flickering with money signs.

Then, he said in a low voice, “I want to drink mulled wine every night too.”

Elizabeth froze momentarily. “Um, I don’t work overtime, Mr. Hilton. I need to take care of

my children.”

She could not renege on hei promises to her children. Moreover, they could not see her

during the day. If Matthew insisted, she would not be able to see them at night either. That way,

she would miss out a lot on the growth of the triplets.

When they would attend university, she would only be able to see them once per semester. It

would become even lesser after they had jobs.

Time was flying by. Hence, she wanted to treasure the time they had for now.

Matthew could tell from her tone that she was unwilling to do it for him.

“Well, can I go to your place and have mulled wine before returning home?”

This was the best compromise he could come up with. He added, “Your housekeeper can

make it. You’ll still earn double without having to do anything.”

The man knew exactly how to cajole her into agreeing to his offer.

Elizabeth giggled discreetly. This is too easy!

“All right! Deal! Remember, double!”

At the thought of being able to visit her house openly, Matthew smirked. I finally have the

chance to deal with her children. That way, I’ll be a part of her family in the future.

However, he suddenly shook his head, finding something abnormal.

Why do I want to accept her so badly? I was only playing the giddy goat with her, but it

seems different now.

“All right. Go to sleep early. Good night!”

Without giving her an opportunity to say a word, he hung up the phone. Immediately after

that, an air of depression shrouded him.

The next day, Elizabeth wanted to look through her job-related matters after sending the

triplets to school.

At that moment, Josh knocked on the door. “Lizzy, open the door.”

Elizabeth opened the door and asked, “Josh, are we going to sign the agreement now?”

This is too early, no? It’s only eight in the morning. I thought we would only go around nine

or ten o’clock.

Josh was eager to get the commission, so he thought the earlier, the better.

“It’s best that we go now, Lizzy. By the time we anive, it will be nine on the dot. That’s when

they start work,” he explained.

Elizabeth felt that he was right. Hence, she said with a smile, “Wait a moment. I’ll go grab

my ID card.”


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