Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 6

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 6

Triplets’ Attack: Game Over DaddyChapter 6 Meeting An Old Acquaintance

Abby had long grown bored after staying home for days, so she cheered and leaped in joy. “Yay!”

Just then, the housekeeper, Cody, came back. She was carrying groceries, as she had gone out to buy them earlier.

As she was single and had been with Elizabeth for six years, she treated the latter’s family as if they were her own.

Upon seeing Abby put on a furry coat with rabbit prints, Cody smiled before asking, “Are you going out with your mommy, Abby?”

The little girl was a miniature version of Elizabeth and could charm anyone with her cute expression and large, blinking eyes.

Coupled with her sweet voice and pink coat, she looked extremely adorable.

Elizabeth picked up the bag that contained the coat before holding Abby’s hand.

“I’m heading out for a bit, Ms. Elliott. Please fetch the boys when school ends.”

Cody smiled. “Will do. Have fun with Abby.”

Her thoughts wandered over to a few days ago when Abby fell very ill while she was visiting her hometown. After that, Cody decided that she would not go anywhere in the future. She would remain at home and take care of the three children.

Overjoyed, Abby said to the housekeeper, “I’ll bring some delicious food back for you later, Ms. Elliott!”

Anyone could tell that the little girl had fully recovered.

“All right, then. Thank you, Abby.”

As she was heading out, Elizabeth remembered that she had to pay Cody her wage soon. I really have to find another part-time job.

She drove her second-hand Carter to the private restaurant, and Abby could not hold back her excitement as they entered the building.

“Wow, the dishes here look so good! I must order some food for takeaway for Arthur, Antony, and Ms. Elliott.”

The little girl was a foodie, and her appetite was better than her two older brothers despite being skinny and frail-looking, seemingly unable to gain weight.

“All right. You can go ahead and order the food afterward. I’ll go and return the coat.”

After choosing a table by the window, Elizabeth put down her bag before heading toward the nearby private room.

Meanwhile, Abby picked up the menu. Although she could not read, she knew how to order food by looking at the pictures.

As she was walking toward the private room, Elizabeth spotted a familiar figure—Tiana. I haven’t seen her for six years, and she has changed a lot. It seems that she has undergone plastic surgery as she’s way prettier than before. However, she looks like a typical influencer. Nothing special about her.

Upon seeing that Tiana had entered VIP Room 101, Elizabeth went up to the man at the door and asked, “Excuse me. Are you Mr. Mack?”

She had sent Esme a message informing him that she had arrived just now, to which he had replied that he would be waiting for her at the door.

Esme saw the woman before him, who was clad in a black coat and slim-fit pants that showcased her long legs. Surprise flashed across his eyes. She was the epitome of beauty with her pretty face and lithe figure.

“Yes. Are you Ms. Wade?”

Elizabeth nodded slightly before asking, “Who is the woman that entered the room just now?”

“She’s Mr. Hilton’s fiancée,” Esme answered with a smile.

After Elizabeth heard that, her face fell as she instantly lost the good impression she had of Matthew. She had originally planned to return the coat to him while thanking him in person.

However, she changed her mind.

Since he is Tiana’s boyfriend, there’s no need for us to meet again in the future, let alone say thank you.

“This is his coat. Please help me return it to him.”

With that, she turned and left, heading back to her daughter.

Esme was stunned momentarily. He thought of stopping her but immediately decided against it. It’s Mr. Hilton’s first time meeting his fiancée. It’ll be hard to explain if a woman came to return his coat now.

When Elizabeth returned to their table, she discovered that Abby was missing.



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