Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 60

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 60

Chapter 60 Borrowed Money
Elizabeth followed Josh to sign the agreement. Not long after, the money was credited to her
Before she left, she scanned around and noticed that it was quite a legitimate company. It
had a sp ac ious office space, and the sign at the entrance was eye catching.
The name of the financial institution was Simple Loan Company, which sounded
After accompanying Elizabeth to the parking lot, Josh said, “Drive carefully, Lizzy. I have to
go to work now.”
She nodded, having heard Josh’s mother saying that he had found a decent job. Looks like
it’s true.
you, Josh. I’ll treat you to a meal soon.”
After finishing her words, she started the car engine and bade farewell to him.
When she arrived at the hospital, she went straight to the ward and saw a nurse give Pearl an
injection. The girl cried in despair, which was a distressing scene to witness.
Elizabeth hurriedly walked toward Pearl and coaxed her with Jessica.
Due to chemotherapy, Pearl’s hair was gone, and she had become bald. However, she still
had a pretty face. Perhaps she had gotten too thin, her eyes were exceptionally large and bright
in contrast.
Jessica’s eyes were teary. As Pearl’s mother, it tore her apart to see her daughter in so much
Fortunately, Pearl fell asleep right after the injection, no longer making a fuss.
Seeing this, Jessica heaved a sigh of relief. Then, she turned to Elizabeth and threw herself
into the latter’s arms.
“How I wish I was the one suffering in pain, Lizzy.” She cried silently as she spoke.
She had cried umpteen times over Pearl’s illness.
“Dear G o d, I’m begging you! Please save my child. I’m willing to use twenty years of
in exchange for her recovery, pleasel” Jessica pleaded softly.
Elizabeth’s breath hitched in her throat when she heard that. She patted Jessica’s back lightly,
calming the woman down.
Jessica cried for some time before regaining her composure. She then retracted herself from
Elizabeth’s arms.
Rubbing her reddened eyes, she asked, “Lizzy, haven’t you found a job yet?”
She thought that Elizabeth had not found herself a job because the latter was here this early.
Still, she did not want Elizabeth to work at Night City anymore.
Elizabeth took out the card from her purse carefully and said, “Jess, here’s five hundred
grand. I borrowed the money with help from my neighbor’s son. The processing fee is ten percent
of the amount. It’s not too high. Use this money to pay Pearl’s medical fees first. You can return
it to me after you sell your house.”
Looking at the card, Jessica sniffled, having the urge to weep once again.
“Thank you so much, Lizzy!”
At present, all of Jessica’s relatives were avoiding her, fearing that she would ask to borrow
money from them. Thankfully, she still had Elizabeth.
The latter beamed. “Why are you being so polite? Just take it, Jess. I’ll be here accompanying
Pearl. Hurry up
pay now.”
Jessica accepted the card and left to make payment.
Meanwhile, Elizabeth tucked the blanket in for Pearl. Looking at the girl’s peaceful
expression, Elizabeth believed that Pearl would certainly be a beauty once she grew up.
She had already informed Jessica that she hoped Pearl would become her daughter-in-law in
the future. She believed that either Antony or Arthun would take good care of the girl.
After Jessica paid the fees, she returned to the ward immediately.
Her mood finally turned better. Besides, she was holding an IOU in her hand.
“You must take this, Lizzy. We have to be clear on financial matters.”
Initially, Elizabeth wanted to reject it. However, she gave in as she wished to give Jessica
peace of mind.
After chatting for a while, Elizabeth stood up and left.
She got into her car, finally willing to drive after Matthew assured her that he would give her
an allowance for car fuel. He has so much money anyway. I’m more than willing to help him
spend some of it!
At that moment, her phone rang. As she had been looking for a job, she felt that it could be
from a prospective employer. Hence, she quickly picked it up and answered, “Hello?”
“Hi, is this Elizabeth Wade? We’re calling from Cute Pets. Do you have time for a walk-in
interview today?


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