Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 61

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 61

Chapter 61 Enemies Are Bound To Meet

Sure enough, the call was from a recruiter, and they seemed to be from a company called

“Cute Pots.” However, Elizabeth felt a little concerned as she didn’t apply to it, not had she ever

taken care of animals.

Nonetheless, it seemed to be a well-known franchise store.

As it was difficult to find work these days, she gritted her teeth and decided to try it out. It

was better to be employed, after all.


“Yes, I am. I’ll be right over. Please let me know the address,” she said.

Elizabeth ended the call after receiving the information. She then drove over in her car right.

When she arrived, she discovered that Cute Pets was a massive store. It even had a large

parking lot set aside for pet owners in front of the entrance.


It was still in the morning at present. Hence, the area was mostly deserted, save for a few

Elizabeth walked into Cute Pets and was introduced to the HR manager by the receptionist.

She was a middle-aged woman, wearing formal office attire and black-rimmed glasses. Elizabeth genuinely did not expect a pet store to do so well. She began to be intrigued and

inquired about the salary.

Veterinarians were the highest-paid employees here, which she naturally couldn’t be since

she lacked the necessary qualifications.

Regardless, the HR manager seemed to take a fancy to her. “Elizabeth, our company conducts itself professionally. Take a look at our sterile environment. Moreover, we have several

openings available. You may apply for whichever you wish.”

Elizabeth had never been treated so kindly before, even given the option to choose her job. “Ms. Zamora, I would like to apply for the highest paying position available,” she said sweetly,

having decided on a job with a high salary.

Liam Zamora smiled brightly and quickly brought her through the induction procedures.

However, Elizabeth still had no idea what her position was after completing everything.

“Elizabeth, please remember to arrive by ten in the morning tomorrow. Don’t be late.”

Elizabeth was slightly dumbfounded. All she had done was show up for the interview, and

she had gotten the job. It was all over in a blink of an eye!

“Ms. Zamora, we discussed how I’d be paid fifteen thousand per month. So what exactly is

my position going to be?” She had only mentioned that she wanted to apply for the position with.

the highest pay, and they immediately hired her on the spot without giving her a chance to

clarify. Hence, she had to do so before she left.

“A breeder,” Liam answered, grinning.

Elizabeth had never heard of such a position, but when she thought about the fifteen

thousand monthly wages, she decided to go with it anyway.

After leaving Cute Pets, she began researching on her phone. As she continued to search on

Google, hei brows furrowed. A breeder was a person who raised and bred young animals. The job

wasn’t the most refined, which explained the high pay.

She sighed and exited the page, no longer wanting to read further. “Elizabeth Wade, it’s

fifteen thousand! Think of the four to five jobs you had to work a day to make fifteen thousand at

month. You now have weekends off and only have to work seven hours per day. There will be

plenty of time for you to spend with your children,” she muttered to herself. In the end, she

decided to stick with it.

Elizabeth did not immediately return home. Instead, she went grocery shopping and drove to

Jupiter Mansion, wanting to check on Nicolas and Leonard after last night’s incident.

She sincerely hoped the two were doing well. Otherwise, Matthew would definitely seek. remuneration from her. Matthew was filthy rich while she was poor, yet he always seemed to find

ways to make her pay.

After parking the car, she got out of the vehicle and went to the trunk to get the groceries.

Then, she entered the mansion’s door and headed to the kitchen.

Seeing Hizabeth from upstairs, liana was astounded. She hurriedly ran down the staircase.

“What are you doing here, Elizabeth?”

This was Matthew’s home, and according to Chelsea, the man preferred silence. Hence, she

wondered what this woman was doing here.


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