Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 62

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 62

Chapter 62 Lies

Elizabeth, on the other hand, was not surprised. Matthew had been to the Wade residence to

meet the family, and the two had a relationship. Thus, it wasn’t unusual for Tiana to appear at his


Ignoring her stepsister, Elizabeth carried the groceries into the kitchen and stored them in the


Tiana followed her the whole time. “Hey? I’m talking to you!”

Elizabeth found the woman initating. She picked up a knife and held it against Tiana’s neck.

“If you value your life, shut it.”

The latter’s eyes widened in horror as she felt the blade touch her skin. “Y-You maniac! I’m

Matthew’s fiancée! You’ll be in jail if I die, and your triplets will starve on the streets!” She


Elizabeth sniggered. “Thank you for your concern, but someone will look after them on my

behalf.” She applied force on the blade after speaking.

Tiana quickly backed away and screamed while fleeing the kitchen, “S-Someone, save me!


She felt that Elizabeth was serious about killing her. After all, in the past, they had done the

same things to the woman. If she doesn’t die, she will surely turn the knife toward us someday!

Chelsea and the housekeeper hurried down when they heard her scieams. “What’s wrong?”

All of them wondered why she was screaming in terror. Tiana ruffled her hair and sobbed,

“S-She wants to stab me to death!”

Elizabeth walked out of the kitchen, casting a sidelong glance at Tiana. “I wouldn’t dare to

kill someone.”

Spotting Elizabeth, Chelsea smiled. “Of course, she wouldn’t. Lizzy’s a sweet person. There’s

no way she’d ever hurt you!”


She approached Elizabeth, taking the latter’s hands in hers. “What brings you here, Lizzy?”

As she spoke, she finally recalled that Tiana was someone Hector wanted Matthew to marry..

But Matt doesn’t like her, and neither do I.

After getting to know the two of them, she preferred someone like Elizabeth, who was

genuine and unpretentious.

When Tiana saw how close Chelsea and Elizabeth were, her eyes darkened. Why is she

behaving so intimately with Old Mrs. Hilton? D’mn it! Is she trying to get between Matthew and


She made her decision as her gaze grew colder. I need to get rid of her as soon as possible.”

Elizabeth merely gave a faint smile. “I’m here to return my debt.”

Even if she were telling the truth, her words sounded different to Chelsea. The latter couldn’t

help peeking at Elizabeth’s lower abdomen.

Is it possible she’s carrying a child with the Hilton’s bloodline?

Her mood lifted at the thought. After all, seeing Matthew’s children was more important to

her than anything else.

Although Elizabeth had had children, Chelsea didn’t mind. After all, divorce rates were high

these days, and Chelsea believed Elizabeth had simply been unlucky to meet the wrong person in

the past. Now that she met Matt, her life will definitely be blissful!

Chelsea had a lot of faith in her grandson because he was outstanding and attractive enough.

Hence, she was confident that Elizabeth would be happy with him.

She led Elizabeth to the living room and instructed the help to prepare coffee for them.

Meanwhile, Tiana was forgotten and left behind. She should’ve been wise enough to leave, yet

she was reluctant. She felt that she needed to stay by Chelsea’s side at this juncture.

Hence, she followed them and sat on the other empty chair beside Chelsea.

“Old Mrs. Hilton, I might’ve misunderstood earlier. I had no idea you knew Elizabeth,” she

explained with a smile..

Chelsea nodded. “Yes, I do know her. Lizzy and I are friends. Anyway, how do you know her?

Since you both have the same last name, is she also a daughter of your family?”

Tiana cast a cold glance at Elizabeth and elaborated, “Nope. She’s the daughter of one of our

housekeepers. My grandfather liked her so much that he gave her the Wade last name.”



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