Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 65

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 65

Chapter 65 On Purpose

Matthew wasn’t aware that a woman had treated him as a trash bin.

However, she was merely joking around. After all, she didn’t have the guts to do so in


Noticing Tiana’s absence, Chelsea knew that Matthew had made his choice. Naturally, she would support her grandson unconditionally.

After dinner, she was in a hurry to leave the mansion. Before she left, she told Elizabeth,

“Lizzy, I should get going now as I turn in early. Besides, I need to accompany my husband too.

So, I will leave the dishes to you!”

She cast a meaningful look at Matthew as she said so as if implying to him to seize the


Elizabeth replied, “Sure, I’ll do the chores. Goodbye!”

Chelsea then left together with a few housekeepers, leaving the entire mansion to Elizabeth

and Matthew.

The man sat on the couch in the living room and was on a business call.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth washed the dishes in the kitchen. She could hear him from time to

time, yet she couldn’t understand a word.

Therefore, she decided to pay attention to the chores. She didn’t dare to wear gloves while

washing dishes anymore as she had learned her lesson. After all, she couldn’t afford to break any

more plates in this place.

Elizabeth treated the plates carefully as if treating a precious piece of art. Slowly and

carefully, she washed them plate by plate, afraid that she would spoil them by accident.

Finally, she wiped every plate clean without breaking a single one and kept them in the

cabinet, finishing her job flawlessly.

Once she left the kitchen, she walked toward the living room.

Matthew had hung up the call by then and was watching the news. Elizabeth applied some

hand moisturizer as she stood nearby him.

“Matthew, are Mr. Ferguson and Mr. Johnson okay?” Those two poor things. How unfortunate

for them to fall into a manhole that’s full of poop!

Matthew shifted his gaze to her and sized her up. How gorgeous. Look at her alluring figure! How can those two criticize such great beauty as a jinx, even asking me to stay away from her?


A hint of displeasure rose in his eyes. If they dare say such things again, I’ll give them a good


“They’re fine. Don’t worry about them,” he replied.

Although she didn’t believe him, she didn’t probe further since he wasn’t pursuing the


“I’m glad to hear that.” With that, she went upstairs to tidy up his room.

However, Elizabeth was dumbfounded the moment she saw his bedroom. Why is it always so messy these days, looking as if someone had rummaged through it all? I won’t doubt if it’s a job

of a thiet. The books are all sc at tered around!

Aside from that, the pillows and bedsheets were on the ground too. Even the clothes in the

walk-in closet were tossed out and littered all around.

Oh my g o d! How long will it take for me to clear up all this chaos? As expected, this debt isn’t easy to pay off. Still, what options do I have? I’ve already signed with my fingerprint. It’s too

late for regrets.

Thus, she resigned herself to her fate and started tidying up. At the same time, Matthew went

upstairs as he had finished watching the financial news.

When he entered his room, he saw her bending over with her buttocks pointed to the sky, picking up the books on the floor. Today, she was wearing a white blouse and a bodycon skirt,

her coat hanging on the couch downstairs.

Besides, her black stockings, which wrapped around her slender legs, made her look.

exceedingly seductive.

Matthew placed his hands in his pockets and leaned against the door to enjoy the view.

Elizabeth, meanwhile, had no idea of his presence.

The man’s stare grew increasingly dark like ink.

His lips raised faintly as he strode toward her. With a raise of his hand, he slapped her

buttocks and said, “Elizabeth, are you doing it on purpose?”

Following that, he hugged her waist from behind and uttered in a devilish voice, “So you

want to try out this position, huh?”


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