Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 66

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 66

Chapter 66 Calm Down

Elizabeth was struck dumb by the hit. She nearly screamed when she felt the arms around her waist and his thighs pressing against her real.

Hearing his words, she narrowed her eyes slightly.

“Let go of me, Matthew. It is none of your business about my positions. If you want to try it, do it yourself!” She twisted her body as she struggled, attempting to break free.

However, it only served to darken the man’s expression. Her actions had turned him on.

His lips pursed, and he gave another slap on her buttock.

“Don’t move.” His icy voice was laced with a warning tone.

Elizabeth wanted to straighten up, yet she couldn’t do so with Matthew hugging her. The posture began to tire her out.

Infuriated, she threw the books back on the floor. “Let go! My waist is going to break!”

However, her scoldings sounded like an invitation to him. This woman is deliberately

seducing me, huh? Such words would only make me excited.


Thus, his arms tightened around her slim waist involuntarily, pressing her down. He closed

eyes to enjoy the touch of her body.

Elizabeth felt that her waist was on the verge of snapping into two. She struggled once more.

and straightened herself, placing her hand on his. “Let gol Huny up!”

This fellow is taking advantage of me again! Ugh! How I wish I could pri ck him with a

needle! However, I’m worried that his heart couldn’t take it.


For a while, both sides were at an impasse. After some time, Matthew finally released her.

He had resumed his aloof and apathetic demeanor once again.

Staring at her indifferently, he said, “Don’t wear such a short skirt anymore. Do you hear

After regaining her freedom, Elizabeth tugged her skirt down, not forgetting to glare at him. “How is this any of your concern, Matthew Hilton?”

The man smiled deviously. “Of course, it is. You were obviously seducing me just now.”

Then, he took a step forward and pinched her chin, not giving her the chance to move a bit..

Startled again, Elizabeth widened her eyes in fear.

“Don’t you kiss me, Matthew Hilton! O-Otherwise, I’m going to stab you!”

She waved the ring on her finger menacingly, signaling him to take caution.

Matthew had experienced its prowess before. The ring could easily exhaust one’s strength within five minutes.

It was a useful tool to be carried everywhere with her. However, he didn’t want her to use it against him.

“I may truly be dead if you pri ck me with it again.” Let’s terrify her!

Elizabeth actually believed him. Not daring to stab him, she softened her voice and said,

“Mr. Hilton, you have a fiancée, and I’m a mother of three. We should keep a distance from each

other. Do you understand? I don’t wish to be called a homewrecker.”

That was the word she hated the most as her family was ruined by a homewrecker.

Her mother went missing, and she was forced to grow up in a bleak environment.

Thus, she would rather die than be a homewrecker.

Noticing the determination in her eyes, Matthew let go of her. “I’m hitting the showers. Tidy

up quickly. I’m tired.”

His words silently implied that he wished she would be gone by the time he came out of the


Seeing him enter the bathroom, Elizabeth placed her hand on her chest in relief. I finally

convinced him.

In fact, she tested that she would truly become a mistress. Earlier, she had a fleeting unge to slevy with Matthew and torce him to break up with liana.

Fortunately, her words had moved him.

Once again, she swore not to be a homewrecker in her entire life.

Letting out a breath, she slapped herself lightly.

“Calm down, Elizabeth. You will take revenge on Tiana and her mother someday. There’s no

need for you to sacrifice yourself,” sh



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