Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 69

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 69

Chapter 69 Unlucky

When Elizabeth heard Nicolas’s words, she snapped open her eyes, only to find out that she

had indeed stabbed his hand with the needle.

She quickly let go of the syringe in shock. She was sure she had aimed for the cat, so why

did it end up on the back of his hand?

Oh, my goodness. What do I do?

Nicolas pulled out the needle and tried to keep himself calm as he asked, “What were you

supposed to administer to it?”

Elizabeth started to panic, and her lips quivered.

“A-An aphrodisiac…” she stammered.

Nicolas’s face paled as he looked at her. His eyes were filled with shock.

“What? You mean for animals?” he exclaimed.

He had never experienced anything like this before. Under normal circumstances, all he

needed to do was just eat some medicine to flush it out of his system.

But what could he possibly eat to get rid of a drug for animals?

Soon, Nicolas felt weird. His eyes became bloodshot as his body heated up.

Elizabeth did not know what to do. Thus, she quickly ran outside to look for Julia. Julia was

also shocked at what happened.

“Quickly, call an ambulance and bring him to the hospital,” she said in a hurry.

After calling for an ambulance, Elizabeth rushed back into the room and noticed that Nicolas

was drenched in sweat. He was looking at her weirdly.

“Hold on a little longer, Mr. Ferguson. The ambulance is coming,” she exclaimed.

Nicolas funowed his eyebrows. He felt extremely uncomfortable, but he had to control


I really need to stay away from this lady. We’ve only met twice, and she made me suffer on

both occasions.

Finally, Nicolas was rushed to the hospital. Elizabeth paced outside the emergency room as

she bit her lip in feat.

She had just gotten a call to notify her that she had been fired. Moreover, she had to pay for

Nicolas’s hospital bills herself.

Elizabeth hugged herself with her arms. She scolded herself in her mind, How could I be so

stupid? It’s only been a day, and I’ve already been fired from such a high-paying job. I should

have at least remained employed for a full month!

Elizabeth sighed.

She mentally prepared herself to start looking for another job. However, the more pressing

issue at hand was Nicolas’s safety. She prayed hard that nothing would happen to him.

After all, if anything did happen, not only would Nicolas’s family hate her for life, but she

would also feel extremely guilty as well.

Suddenly, the doors of the elevator opened before two tall men exited it.

Matthew walked out first. He was wearing a black coat with a white shirt underneath it.

There was also a blue tie around his neck. It was obvious that he had run over from his office.

The man walking behind him was slightly tanner and had a shorter haircut. It was none other

than Leonard, who was wearing a simple black outfit.

Elizabeth turned her head at the sound of the elevator doors opening. There were tears in her


She looked the same as when Matthew met her for the first time. It was a very pitiful scene.

Matthew walked over to her in large strides and pulled her into his arms. He gently patted

her back.

“Don’t worry. He won’t die,” he comforted Elizabeth.

It’s just some drug that’s meant for animals. Nicolas’s practically invincible to it.

Leonard looked at the time and asked, “How long has he been inside there?”

Elizabeth did not have the energy to care about whose chest she had been pulled into. She

just needed a warm hug right now.

“It’s been more than an hour. I don’t know what’s going on.” Her voice was tiny and weak. It

was clear that she had been shocked to the core.

However, after another agonizing ten minutes, the doors to the emergency room opened, and

the doctor walked out.

The three of them quickly rushed forward. It was Elizabeth who spoke first.

“How is he, doctor?”

Alas, the doctor shook his head with a miserable expression. “I’m sorry. We’ve done our


Right after he spoke, the nurses wheeled out a hospital bed. On it was a figure that was

covered with a white sheet. Elizabeth stared in shock.

He’s dead? Just like that?

She finally realized that drugs really should not be administered wrongly, especially those

that were meant for animals.

Elizabeth felt like the world was crashing down around her. She could not believe that she

had actually killed someone. Her life was over.

Then everything went black as she passed out. Matthew quickly caught her before she fell to

the ground.



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