Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 72

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 72

Chapter 72 He Did Not Mind

Antony got an empty cup, and Arthur filled half of it with alcohol.

“Mr. Hilton, have a drink.”

Antony placed the cup before Matthew and flashed a friendly smile.

Matthew glanced at the cup. I already have a cup of water. What are they doing?

Despite his confusion, he said nothing. The boys seemed eerily familiar with their striking features. It seemed like he had seen them somewhere, but he couldn’t put a finger on where.

Arthur’s frosty voice rang out. “Mr. Hilton, this is a rule in our family. Please finish the


Abby was batting her eyelashes innocently.

“Arthur, what rule is that? I haven’t heard of it!” she protested.

Are they bullying Mr. Handsome? But Arthur and Antony have never bullied


Arthur nodded. “You’ll get the same treatment in the future.”

Comprehension dawned on Matthew. This is a test by the boys. They think that I’m

Elizabeth’s boyfriend. When Arthur said that Abby would get the same treatment in the future, he meant that her boyfriend would have to pass the same test. Indeed, it’s a test in the Wade family. The boys are smart, huh? No wonder Elizabeth hasn’t gotten lost all these years. It was all thanks

to her sons.

He took the cup and downed it swiftly. A burning sensation spread across his mouth, and he belatedly/realized the drink they gave him was liquor. It also had quite a high alcohol content


Matthew had been in the business world since he was young. With his experience attending

all sorts of events, he had a high tolerance for alcohol.

Flashing a faint smile, he showed them the empty cup.

Arthur refilled his cup without a word. The kids resumed their action of staring at him.


Matthew drank cup after cup of liquor. Soon, he felt an unpleasant sensation after drinking

on an empty stomach.

He wasn’t drunk but felt a little dizzy. A hint of amusement appeared in his bleary eyes as he

asked, “Do you still want me to drink?”

Both boys remained unfazed, but it was clear how opinionated they were.

“No need,” came Arthur’s reply.

The brothers immediately got rid of the evidence as Abby inched nearer to Matthew.

“Mr. Handsome, you drank a lot of water. Do you need to pee?” she asked.

Matthew had finished the entire bottle of water. If Abby were to drink that much water, she

would be feeling the urge to pee now.

As his large palm brushed across her soft cheek, he shook his head. “Go and play! I need to

talk to your brothers.”

Abby pursed her lips. “All right. I’ll go watch TV now.”

She ran to the TV happily and settled into a comfortable position on the carpet to enjoy her

cartoon show.

Soon, the boys joined him on the couch. They gazed at him intently.

Arthur asked, “What is your name? How old are you? Are you married?”

Matthew had been waiting for them. A corner of his mouth lifted as he said, “My name is

Matthew Hilton. I’m twenty-five years old and single.”

Hearing his answer, both boys exchanged glances. He’s a year older than Mommy, but we’re worried about him being single. He’s young, handsome, and tall, but Mommy has us. It sounds

impossible for him to accept Mommy readily.

Antony continued with the questions. “Do you mind if your girlfriend has children?”

As Abby adored Matthew and wanted him to be their daddy, the boys wanted to find out if he

was qualified to take up the position.

Matthew’s smile widened, for the alcohol had gotten to him. Clearly, the boys had calculated

the time accurately and knew when he would get drunk.

“A-As long as I like her, I don’t mind.”

Arthur pressed on. “What if she’s not that smart? Would you still like her?”



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