Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 73

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 73

Chapter 73 He Is Drunk

Matthew grabbed the cup of water Elizabeth offered him earlier and took a big gulp of


He had no idea the liquor was that strong. Slowly, he grew disoriented as the alcohol took


“I don’t fancy women who are too smart,” he answered.

Arthur and Antony shared a look and grinned, for that was the most important piece of


Right then, Elizabeth came downstairs in her casual clothes after a refreshing shower. At the

sight of her sons chatting with Matthew, she chuckled and came toward them.

“What are you all talking about?”

The moment Elizabeth came closer, she detected the pungent scent of liquor.

She sniffed carefully before realizing Matthew looked out of sorts. His cheeks were flushed,

and he seemed to be in a daze.

“Matthew, did you drink?”

Astonishment flashed across her eyes. He must’ve drank alcohol here.

She turned to her sons, who offered her innocent smiles.

“Mommy, you keep the guest company. We’ll teach Abby her homework,” they said in


The boys didn’t like teaching Abby. As the little girl hated studying, they found it annoying to

teach her.

In the end, they decided silently that Abby didn’t have to be good at studying. After all, they

would support her in the future.

Did they just offer to teach Abby today?

Elizabeth beamed, “All right. Toach Abby well!”

Matthew’s lips curved. The boys are smart enough to distract her.

After the kids went upstairs, Hizabeth looked away. Suddenly, something occurred to her.

“Matthew, did they give you the liquor?”

She belatedly realized that the boys offered to teach Abby out of nowhere to trick her.

Pursing her lips, she huffed angrily and directed her gaze to the children’s room upstairs. However, she had a guest with her and couldn’t yell at them.

Getting to her feet, she offered, “Matthew, do you want some water? I’ll get you some. My kids are a little mischievous, and I’m sorry you had to suffer. Do you feel unwell? Do you need to

head to the hospital?”

How much liquor did they give him? What happened to him? Matthew got drunk previously during a social engagement, but i don’t remember him being this drunk then.

Elizabeth was at a loss for words at how opinionated her sons were. When a male visitor

arrived, they assumed he was an enemy and united against the enemy.

Matthew picked the cup up and took another sip of water.

Squinting his eyes, he mumbled, “I have some water…”

Shit. He’s completely drunk. He can’t even speak properly!

Cody happened to come out of the kitchen. “Lizzy, dinner’s ready,” she announced.

Elizabeth took one look at the man on the couch and said, “Let’s eat now!”

Can he still eat in this condition? Will he slip from the chair and end up underneath the


Matthew lifted a hand and waved at her.

“No, I won’t eat. I want to sleep.”

Elizabeth blinked helplessly and wondered what she should do.

Cody inquired, “What happened to Mr. Hilton?”

As Matthew seemed fine earlier, she was astonished to see him in a drunken stupor now.

Elizabeth pointed upstairs. “Arthur and Antony made him drunk.”

Cody’s eyes widened in surprise. The boys are usually very obedient. Why would they get

Mr. Hilton drunk?

Elizabeth gave Matthew a shake. “Mr. Hilton, wake up! I’ll help you to your car, so you can

sleep back at home.”

She reached out, prepared to help him back to his car outside.

Matthew’s eyes snapped open, revealing that they were a tad red.

“I told the driver to head home, for someone in his family was ill,” came his answer.



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