Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 74

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 74

Chapter 74 Taking Care Of Him

Elizabeth’s hands paused midait. As his driver had left, she had no choice but to send him


Alas, her car was parked at the hospital. She hadn’t driven it back.

Elizabeth took one look at the clock hastily. It was still early, so she could get a cab.

Before she could call for a cab using her phone, Cody gave her a push.

“Lizzy, we only have strong liquor at home with high alcoholic content. I normally use it int

cooking. Why don’t you take care of Mr. Hilton tonight? You don’t want something to happen to

him, do you?”

Matthew’s lips quirked up slightly when he heard Cody’s words.

I like this housekeeper. Tomorrow, I shall give her a handsome reward.

Elizabeth was easily persuaded. After learning that Matthew had been fed potent liquor, she

recalled that he was an influential man whom she couldn’t afford to offend.

Matthew lived in Jupiter Mansion alone. If she were to send him back, no one would realize

it even if he dropped dead.

His housekeeper would only discover his dead body the next day.

As it was her sons’ doing, she knew she was responsible for him.

“Ms. Elliott, please help him to my room. I’ll take care of him tonight.”

At once, Cody helped her to bring the tall man upstairs. They heaved a sigh of relief after

placing him on the bed.

Elizabeth nearly fell to her knees in exhaustion. She had no idea it was that hard to bring him

upstairs since he looked skinny to her.

She felt as though the half of her body that he had leaned on was about to disintegrate into


Even Cody was panting from the exertion. “Lizzy, I’ll put the kids to sleep now. Take care of him.”

After casting a glance at the man on the bed, Elizabeth grabbed Cody’s arm. She had no

experience taking care of drunk men.

“Ms. Elliott, what should I do?”

She was afraid that something would happen to him with her lack of experience,

Cody chuckled. “Take his clothes off and wipe his body clean. If he pukes, clean it up. If he sleeps without puking, you’ll have to periodically check if he’s still breathing.”

As Cody had experience taking care of drunk people, she proceeded to explain everything to


Elizabeth bobbed her head. “All right. I got it.”

He’ll be all right as long as he remains breathing. Ugh, the kids love courting trouble! She huffed silently.

After shutting the door, Elizabeth shifted Matthew’s legs onto the bed. She then removed his

shoes and his clothes.

When her hands reached the buttons of his shirt, she felt as though she was about to faint


His muscles were too defined, so she couldn’t stop herself from gulping at the alluring sight.

“Elizabeth Wade, get your mind out of the gutter. He’s drunk, so stop staring at him!” she

warned herself.

Matthew might be drunk, but he wasn’t unconscious and heard her words clearly.

The corner of his lips twitched as he tugged at his pants.

“I don’t want pants. They are uncomfortable.”

He seemed to be mumbling to himself. Elizabeth glanced at his pants and agreed that

wearing pants in bed was uncomfortable.

Moreover, Matthew was wearing tailored trousers that clung to his slender legs. She could

imagine how uncomfortable that would be.

Biting her lip, Elizabeth peeked at him. The man was attractive with his defined cheekbones

that led down toward a flinty jaw. She couldn’t find any flaw in his features.

He could pass off as a perfect sculpture with Iris gorgeous looks.

After a brief struggle, Elizabeth managed to remove his shirt. The sight of his naked torso was

too much to bear.

She averted her gaze and rested his head on a pillow before reaching toward his crotch.

A flush crept up her cheeks in embarrassment.

Shutting her eyes, she reached for his nether regions. She didn’t forget to brush her fingers

across his abdominal muscles. When her fingers landed on his belt, a large hand suddenly pinned

her fingers down.


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