Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 77

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 77

Chapter 77 A Handmade Sweater

Matthew had clearly seen Elizabeth remove his shirt last night with his own eyes. She’s

trying to push the blame on Ms. Elliott.

He smirked knowingly and shot her a glance. Suspicion flitted through his piercing gaze.

“I remember seeing you take it off last night,” he insisted.

His accusation caused Elizabeth to blush.

D*mn it!

The gears in her mind turned, and she explained, “You must have imagined it. You had a lot

to drink last night, after all. Ms. Elliott was the one who took off your clothes for you. She even

wiped your body. It would have been too awkward for me to do these things otherwise.”

Elizabeth admirably kept her composure as she lied through her teeth. Matthew deepened his


Suddenly, he pulled off the covers and stood up.

Elizabeth’s eyes

widened in shock at the sight of his cut figure. Her eyes strayed to the region

of his manhood, and she barely stopped herself from gaping.

Isn’t this too much?

She hurriedly spun around and stammered, “I washed and dried your clothes for you. Just

wait here while I get them for you.”

Elizabeth practically sprinted from the bedroom to the balcony. She grabbed his clothes from

the laundry rack and draped them over her arm.

Her brows scrunched in confusion as she stared at the clothes. Why are they so crumpled?

She belatedly realized that all his clothes were custom-made, and water was their biggest enemy. His clothes needed gentle dry-cleaning, and they could not withstand the rough tumbling

of the washing machine.


Elizabeth checked the labels on his clothes and stumbled backward in horror.

Dear God! This set is worth hundreds of thousands! I can’t believe I ruined them! Is he going

to make me pay him back for this?

She closed her eyes in exasperation. My relationship with money has become a rollercoaster

ride since I met Matthew! Urgh! I don’t want to cook and clean for him for the rest of my life!

Elizabeth eventually hid his clothes and retuirred to the bedroom.

She hemmed and hawed as Matthew asked, “Where are my clothes?”

“Erm, Mr. Hilton, a thief stole your clothes from the balcony last night.”

It’s a pretty convincing lie, right? Clothing theft is pretty common around these parts. I’m not

exactly making things up.

She added for good measure, “Perhaps your expensive clothes were too eye-catching.”

Elizabeth followed this up with a sheepish smile while Matthew’s expression darkened.

“Did you ruin them in the washing machine?”

“Yes! I mean, no, of course not! I dry cleaned them and aired them for a while outside. I

didn’t think they would be stolen.”

Lalready caught her in her lie. She’s smart to claim they were stolen, though. Did she think I

wouldn’t make her “pay” for her mistake?

Suddenly, Elizabeth piped up. “I’ll get you something else to wear. There are some men’s

clothes here as they were for

She stopped herself abruptly when she realized Matthew would never wear someone else’s


Quietly, Elizabeth took out a high-collared white shirt, a gray sweater, and a pair of khaki-colored pants.

“These are all new. You can wear them for now.”

She carefully laid the clothes out on the bed. Matthew appraised the selection and

concluded that the clotfies were to Elizabeth’s taste.

She’s obsessed with warm colors. Who the heck is she trying to dress as a Koandrian idol?

“Did you buy these for Dominic?”

Elizabeth nodded in response to his accinate guess.

She explained, “I knitted this sweater myself. It took me a long time. I bought the pants,



Back then, she had wanted to thank Dominic for his help. While she could not afford much,

she thought of giving him a hand-knitted sweater. It went well with the pair of pants Cody had


Matthew immediately snatched the clothes from her hands after hearing her words.

Thankfully, the pants fit him well.

If she hasn’t given it to Dominic, he can kiss this handmade sweater goodbye. It’s mine now.

Elizabeth had turned away from him while he changed. Her eyes lit up when she saw how

well the clothes fit him.

She offered, “I’ll get you a toothbrush and a towel.”


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