Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 78

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 78

Chapter 78 A Cozy Home

Matthew went into the small attached bathroom. It had a small sink and a shower with nary

a bathtub in sight.

His gaze landed on the pale green toothbrush and its matching cup. Elizabeth also kept at

face towel and some cosmetics in the bathroom. He did not see a single water stain in the clean

and tidy bathroom.

His observations so far led him to conclude that Elizabeth led a simple and meaningful

existence. Her house was old and lacking in lavish designs, yet it was a clean and comfortable


Under her management, the simplest decorations and furniture turned the old house into a

warm and cozy home.

It was nothing like the monochromatic scheme of his house, which made it seem cold and


Elizabeth returned amid his musings with a new toothbrush, a cup, and a fresh towel.

“You can take a shower if you like. We have hot water.”

I bet he’ll feel uncomfortable if he doesn’t take a bath every day.

Matthew took the blue toothbrush and its matching cup from Elizabeth.

She then said, “I’ll wait downstairs. You can come down and have breakfast after you’ve

freshened up.”

After that, she turned to leave. Her hair fluttered behind her, leaving a faint, sweet scent in its


Matthew found the scent oddly familiar, yet he could not recall where he had smelled it


He took a deep breath and realized that her unique, alluring scent filled the bathroom.

Chapter 78 A Cozy Home

Meanwhile, Elizabeth had gone downstairs. Her triplets had not left the house yet. They

stood neatly in a line at the bottom of the stairs as though they were waiting for her.

All three wore navy school uniforms and carried their backpacks, ready to leave for school.

Abby smiled at her mother and asked, “Are you awake, Lizzy? Where’s Mr. Handsome?”

Elizabeth blushed but remained calm as she answered, “He’s up too. Arthur, Antony, can I

talk to the two of you for a moment?”

Abby eyed her brothers. After some thought, she uttered seriously, “You can’t bully Mr.

Handsome anymore, okay?”

Arthur ruffled her hair fondly and promised, “Okay!”

His agreement brought a smile to Abby’s face.

She announced, “I’ll wait for you two outside. Talk faster, or we’ll be late for school.”

Elizabeth held her boys’ hands and led them to the couch. She sat down and scrutinized her

two handsome sons.

They’re good-looking boys. Their features are impeccable, and they’re whip-smart. They

must’ve inherited these traits from their “sshole of a father; he can’t be that inept if he fathered


She opened their talk by saying, “Next time, you can’t behave like this toward our guests,


Matthew is playing your dear mother like a fiddle. I’d rather compromise in the future instead

of playing hardball, or all of you will end up with a worse fate.

Elizabeth kept these thoughts to herself.

Arthur and Antony nodded and replied, “Okay!”

The boys were always so obedient and sensible. They never went against her words, and

Elizabeth felt touched and blessed to have such well-behaved children.

“All right. You should head to school now.”

Elizabeth then called out, “Ms. Elliott, please send them to school today.”

Cody came out of the kitchen and sald, “Lizzy, the oatmeal ponidge is in the instant pot, and

the toppings are on the table.”

After the reminder, Cody accompanied the children to school.

Elizabeth poured herself a cup of warm water and drank it. She was thinking about her job

search and praying that she could find work soon.

Suddenly, her phone rang with a call from Jessica.

Elizabeth answered the call. “Jess.”

“Lizzy, the hospital said they found a suitable bone marrow donor. I heard that he’s still

serving in the army, so the hospital’s trying to get in touch with him.”

The news was music to her cars. Money really does make the world go round. We managed

to find a donor a day after giving them the money. The speed is unbelievable!



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