Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 79

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 79

Chapter 79   I Am Afraid You Will Run Away

“Okay then. Uige them and ask them to complete the surgery as soon as possible.”

Elizabeth smiled when she finally saw some hope for Jessica.

As soon as the man came downstairs, he heard her joyful laughter. He purposely kept his

steps light so that he would not catch her attention.

Then he overheard her talking about looking for a job.

I saw her video yesterday. Never did I imagine that she would work in a pet shop. The

veterinarian uniform she is wearing doesn’t suit her at all. Losing the job is something expected.

Elizabeth suddenly felt that someone was watching her behind her back, so she turned

around only to notice Matthew standing there and watching her.

“Jess, I’ll get back to you later. I have to attend to some matters. Perhaps I’ll visit you guys in

a few days.”

She then hung up the phone and walked up to him.

“Breakfast is ready. It’s time to eat.”

Walking in front of the man, she led him to the kitchen.

The dining table was in the kitchen because the house was built in the olden times, where

the dining area and the kitchen were in the same place. The room on the other side was occupied

by Cody.

When Matthew saw a layer of withered, fallen leaves in the courtyard, he could not help but raise his head to look at the tree.

Seeing that Matthew was curious about the tree, Elizabeth explained, “This is a pear tree. It is full of sweet, crunchy pears during the fall season.”

Even though Matthew did not like pears, he surprisingly wanted to taste the pears there after hearing her words.

He followed her into the kitchen. It was rather old fashioned. The surface of the maible

dining table was so clean that it showed their reflections.

He then took his seat while Elizabeth served him a bowl of oatmeal porridge. She then removed the white food cover, revealing a few simple side dishes.

“Matthew, this is all we have. Please eat some.”

She sat opposite him and sipped on her oatmeal ponidge slowly. Occasionally, she would

pick some of the side dishes and shove them into her mouth.

Matthew felt that it was enjoyable to see her eating. Instantly, he thought the oatmeal

ponidge and side dishes tasted good, albeit simple.

After finishing breakfast, Matthew was about to leave. He took a glance at his watch before

giving her a business card.

“Our company is hiring. You may contact this number if you are looking for a job. Just say I

gave you a refenal.”

Elizabeth’s eyes widened slightly. Even those who graduated from top-tier universities might

not be able to enter Hilton Group due to vigorous competition. Is this even possible for me?

“Mr. Hilton, you know. I only have a high school diploma,” she said sheepishly.

It had been difficult for her to find a job all these years. Her qualification was a critical


Matthew remembered her words from before, so he nodded slightly, signaling to her that he


“Don’t worry. They won’t dare to reject my referral.”

He’s right. After all, he is the CEO. They wouldn’t dare to reject him.

“Thank you, Mr. Hilton,” Elizabeth responded with a sweet smile.

While Matthew was heading outside, he said coldly, “No need to thank me. It’s just that you

still owe me money, and I’m afraid you will run away. So, I need to keep you within my sight.”

He pushed open the door and left while Elizabeth stood in the courtyard alone. What a petty

man! I thought it was for my good. It turns out that he wants to monitor me for fear that I will run

away. I did want to walk him to the car initially. Just forget about it! There’s no point in doing so

now that he said something like that.

Meanwhile, Matthew got into the car. Isme, who came to pick Matthew up, felt that the

latter seemed less distant in that Koandrian style shirt.

Matthew gave Esme the side eye when he spotted the latter’ staring at him knowingly.

Esme chuckled. “Mi. Hilton, you’re so handsome today!”

Matthew then lowered his gaze to his shirt. Even though it was not for him, she had weaved

it personally, and he thought it was quite comfortable wearing it.

“Inform the HR department. If Elizabeth Wade comes looking for a job, they should offer her

the position of the CEO’s secretary.”



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